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Finding affordable honeymoon destinations that are popular but not crowded, and cheap but with extras like a massage for two and champagne is easier today than ever.

When it came time to plan our post wedding ceremony getaway, we decided lolling on a beach, getting to know local artists, and eating the most fresh and delicious food was just the ticket.

So I called my personal travel agent, John, and asked for help.

And our wedding trip ... it was magical.

Mainly because John knew the island of choice like the back of his hand. And he knew everyone.


We were introduced to the governor who invited us to take lunch with his wife and him ... at the official residence. Amazing!

Sadly, John passed on a few years ago. While I am hard-pressed to find a real, live, super-knowledgeable travel agent like him, I have found my favorite online travel agency.

Not One Red Cent Extra

Before I found my favorite travel website, I had several frustrating false starts. They took up a lot of my time, effort and resources.

My travel frustrations sent me hunting the web for a better way.

Surprisingly, and I don't even remember how, I stumbled upon this online travel agency. It continues to earn awards including ...

  • Modern Bride: "a must visit site for Won't-Break-The-Bank-Honeymoons"
  • CNBC: Best Travel Website
  • Travel + Leisure: Top Travel Website
  • Conde Nast Traveler: Best of the Web
  • CNN: It's A Bidder's Travel Market

Eco-Friendly Hotels At
Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Today your dream trip post-wedding ceremony is easy on Mother Earth, too.

One of my New York City wedding couples initially entertained the notion of having their honeymoon in Vancouver Island. But they switched gears and opted for a vacation in nearby New England.

Burke says they spent the beginning of their trip at a tree house right on the ocean followed at 5-star eco-friendly hotels with organic breakfasts and locally sourced ingredients. They went hiking, ate vegetarian meals at local restaurants, got fresh fruit at a local farmer’s market and the visited noted artist co-op spaces.

The result? They pulled off one of the terrific affordable honeymoon destinations that put less stress on the planet, and less stress on the freshly married couple. As Cynda shared, “I did a lot of walking in the sun, ate a lot of good food, and spent a lot of quality time with my favorite person.”

Among the many reasons I'm a fan is that I can talk to a real, live travel concierge. The travel professional goes over travel packages with me, let's me know what my options are -- including eco-friendly, sustainable venues.

He or she can book the package for me. Or, I can do it myself. And it doesn't cost me one red cent extra for the service.

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