Wedding Ceremony Alternative Wedding Rings: Gemstones Ruby, Pink Sapphire, Tanzanite


Alternative wedding rings for your ceremony provide other options beyond diamonds like this stack of six below left. Today you can find many affordable, romantic bands - from simple to elaborate - to wear for a lifetime for every budget.

Your love for your mate is the real thing. You don't have to stop going for the real thing with your bands.

If you go with imitation or synthetic bands like cubic zirconia (cz) sets, it's fake. Not really the way to start off on your true-love-life-journey together.

With all the affordable natural options available for every budget, why exchange something masquerading as real.

Alternative wedding rings do just what traditional diamonds do (Diamonds can be in the design too.). They show commitment, thought, caring and symbolize eternal love. They reflect the beautiful, precious, rare relationship you have.

Wedding ceremony alternative wedding rings enhance the nuptial experience and bond couples.

" 'We’re all a little weird. And life is weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.' Robert Fulghum. And this is the story of us. Two people who found someone to marry them who appreciates our take on a life well-lived. Reverend Mattie thank you for creating our remarkable and beautiful nuptial ceremony with heart." Cody and Dawson, Perkasie, PA

Do you have a preference for salvaged and recycled gemstones such as ruby or pink sapphire, or tanzanite; and metals such as tungsten wedding rings or titanium wedding rings, gold, silver, palladium? There are options for every style, taste, preference, and every budget.

Wedding ceremony bands reflect who you are and what you promise your partner.

Find out what colors look best on your partner. What colors does your partner love to wear? Does your partner favor eco-conscious-friendly, conflict-free gemstones and metals?

Like these colored gemstones and their meanings.

As you dream about taking the first step of your life's journey together, the band you select mirrors the emotional gratification you feel.

As you dream about taking the first step of your life's journey together, the band you select mirrors the emotional gratification you feel.

Wedding ceremony small circular bands sparkle like the vows you make during your nuptials and life to be.

Ornate vintage settings to modern simplicity in settings are all easily available. Build a relationship with a local jeweler whose work you admire.

See gemstones in person and also look at a variety of settings. Or design your own setting working with your jeweler to reflect your individual style.

You can view and select alternative wedding rings that are sophisticated, dramatic and seductive with a lot of depth - like your relationship.

Or perhaps you want your bands to reflect your verve.

Some couples attach symbolic meanings to the rings they create or select based on an experience or event in their lives.

Others base their choices on inspiration from a holiday, vacation, motif from a particular place fraught with meaning for them.

Jewelry preferences are as varied as today's wedding ceremony and definitions of marriage itself.

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