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For more than a decade noted American Wedding Ceremony ordained non-denominational interfaith minister, Reverend Mattie has joined and guided traditional, indie and same gender couples of all creeds and all cultures in custom, legal marriages in all locations throughout New Jersey, New York City and State, and Pennsylvania.

"As a couple you can't 'do over' your wedding ceremony on the big day.

I believe it's to our advantage to start off right from the start.

Couples I work with tell me they appreciate my professionalism, encouraging nature, advice, consultative approach, and officiating.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary chat. It's easy to call me 973-263-4681 (EST) at my office studio or email me anytime. Expect a prompt reply!"

Find her officiating at hotels, museums, and in houses of worship; at home, on the beach, on mountaintops, in parks and gardens; on yachts, at aquariums and on lake docks; in hospitals, and the occasional boxing ring.


"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful is the only word we can use to express your creating our marriage ritual. You are the best American wedding ceremony officiant! Working with you is so easy and complete. Your sharing our perfect day could not have been better!" Riley and Jack, Highlawn Pavilion, West Orange, NJ

What I know is ...

I totally love, honor and cherish the work that I do as a non-denominational guide. Growing up in a house built on service to the community, I bring a sensitive and compassionate heart, a flexible and curious mind, and a philosophy of life that is deeply spiritual and open.

At the core my nature is centered on love and generosity of spirit. I work with couples of all traditions, beliefs and rituals - religious, spiritual or secular - to create a custom, personalized legal wedding ceremony as unique as they are to celebrate a loving relationship.

I never use a ceremony to promote my personal beliefs.

Background ...

My first American wedding ceremony over a decade ago taught me one of the most important lessons I have learned: Working together to develop a wedding ceremony is an intimate experience whether it's small and casual, or grand and formal. It's true I am best suited to couples who appreciate my highly personalized co-creator approach.

Wedding couples say our work together helps them take ownership of their marriage before the wedding. And for the result they are willing to invest a little bit more.

Each wedding ceremony is a cherished opportunity for me to dedicate time, effort and a great deal of energy into developing, creating and performing each legal ceremony for the unique and motivated couples who work with me.

My unique, enthusiastic and motivated couples receive deep value from me including:

  • A custom written and personalized legal wedding ceremony whether the event is formal or casual.
  • Leading a wedding rehearsal that prepares each person to fulfill their roles and produce a gracious start to the wedding day.
  • Arriving early on your wedding day to serve as Ceremony Planner and coordinate the pre-ceremony details for a smooth beginning. The marriage is, afterall, the heart of the day. The public commitment of your relationship begins with the ceremony. It's the reason your guests have joined you to mark the event.
  • When necessary assist at the rituals.
  • Unlimited phone and email access for all ceremony and etiquette planning questions.
  • Having owned and sold a successful wedding and event planning company, I have knowledge and experience in wedding etiquette, food and beverage, venues, best honeymoon destinations, guests, themes, decorations, entertainment, flowers, attire, stationery suites, transportation, exercise, hair, make-up, photography, and so on. If we work together, suggestions, if requested, are available.
  • Performing the American wedding ceremony and submitting signed legal paperwork to the County.
  • Manifesting a sense of joy and delight! And much more.

You Should Know ...

I have jumped out of a plane and I have officiated a wedding on a plane. But not simultaneously, and not again. Simply put, I don't sacrifice anything, officiate underwater or perform a ceremony without clothes. Other than that, I'm flexible!

Does This Align With You?

If my inclusive approach excites and resonates with you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary chat. It's easy to contact me anytime 1-973-263-4681 (EST) at my office studio. Expect a prompt reply!

With warmest regards,

Reverend Mattie
Non-denominational, custom, legal, secular
or spiritual wedding ceremonies uniquely
suited for traditional, indie, and same gender couples

All Traditions...All Beliefs...All Locations
Serving New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

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