Big Day Little Cakes

by Tina Markowski
(Sandy, UT)

This tower of homemade cup cake wedding cakes is so fun with it's royal icing sunflowers all perky. I wanted to have cup cakes at my wedding and definitely made it happen.

The way I did this was to make the batter from box mixes of chocolate and vanilla. To make it richer tasting I make it with pudding like a bundt cake. I baked them in batches a couple dozen at a time.

To keep them fresh for a few weeks, I baked them and then froze them storing them in heavy duty plastic freezer bags. My mom makes really great boiled icing all soft and marshmellowy that everybody loves. Two cousins volunteered to ice the thawed cup cakes the day of my wedding. I rented the tiered tower to display them at the reception.

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And since I have two thumbs, the local baker made me royal icing sunflowers that my cousins could arrange one on each cup cake. I also had the baker make a small cake for Tony, my groom, and I to cut at the reception. This is on the top tier. One layer is carrot cake and one layer is lemon cake with buttercream filling. It's covered with fondant and has sunflowers arranged on it.

The topper actually belongs to the parents of my groom, Tony. We thought it would be good luck to use it on our little cake.

Needless to say these homemade cup cake wedding cakes were a team effort and big hit at the reception.

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