Body Language Meanings:
How To Read Your Mate's Mind


Body language meanings are what your mate is really thinking about wedding planning.

Here is a cheat sheet to reading a mate's mind. The bonus is that you are simultaneously deciphering what your loved one is saying.

For many a smart plugged-in partner, the wedding planning process is a minefield of peculiar customs, first-time-I-heard-about-this etiquette, and strange tension.

"The way you wove into the ceremony our random ideas turned our wedding into a celebration of the spirit for all who gathered to mark our day. We could not have been more pleased. Working with you was the best!" Kiki and Jai, Pearl S. Buck Estate, Perkasie, PA


Code 1: "Tell me what you want me to do and I'll take care of it."

Unless your mate has been sneaking peeks at your bridal magazines, your partner is not likely to know what responsibilities there are after hunting down the ring and proposing. It is an honest question, and clears the way for a discussion rather than a rapid fire directive.

Code 2: "Will there be a pressure-free getaway?"

Do you and your spouse need to discuss best honeymoon destinations after months of relentless wedding planning? Some mates are eager to arrange for a getaway trip you'll both love. Others see no need for a vacation after spending so much money on a wedding. If this is your partner and you long to get away, see what body language tells might be needed. Plus you may want to ask a trusted married friend or relative to bring up the topic. A casual conversation might be just the ticket to share a laid-back paradise. A more direct option full of body language meanings is to tear out an article and go over it together for ideas and on-point chat.

Code 3: "My friends aren't D-listers."

While you love your partner, maybe you are not so wild about a few of the friends. Your body language meanings have telegraphed that all during your courtship.

Your mate will notice and be irritated if you insist on burying certain friends next to the food service entrance. Start the seating process by assigning the best seats to close family and attendants. Remember that the reception venue will put numbers randomly on the tables. If you want certain tables to be the best seats, draw a floor plan and give it to the reception coordinator responsible for your wedding. Have a trusted friend or relative check on the table number placement. Putting a table of your partner's friends toward the back is easier to agree to if a table of your friends is in proximity.

Code 4: "I like how you look without all this grooming and makeup."

If there is a man or woman on the face of the Earth who does not want to look their best on the wedding day, please identify yourself. What your partner is really saying and using body language meanings to boot, is to be able to recognize you as the person she or he fell in love with as you proceed to the wedding ceremony space. Choosing heavy make-up, tortured hair and accessories that pull focus from you is risky at best. Wedding Day looks chosen to enhance your distinctive style and features take you from neutral to naturally looking your very best in person, photos and video.

Code 5: "I have no idea. You pick."

Many a partner has little interest in matching or contrasting table linens. A body language meanings clue is the vacant look in the eyes as he or she blankly scans their handheld device. Try narrowing the choice and be more specific. For example, I like this flower and this flower. Which one do you like? Your mate is more likely to give you a direct response. For many a spouse-to-be these types of aesthetic choices are foreign territory. Rather than disinterest, your mate may be communicating trust in your judgement. Plus, your partner may be trying to de-stress himself or herself.

Code 6: "I'm not wearing a bowtie."

Think he will look his most handsome in a classic tuxedo? A tulle wedding gown? Arrange an appointment at a formalwear firm or bridal gown shop to look over possibilities. Chat about the wedding style, time, location, and so on. Allow your spouse-to-be to choose his or her own attire. An experienced salesperson can suggest attire that will look best on her or him, and not look dated in photos. An experienced tailor insures the fit of the formalwear or suit to flatter the groom while being comfortable at the same time. Ditto for the bride.

Code 7: "Of course I was listening."

Actually, your mate really wasn't listening. This is basic body language meanings. The two of you have been wedding planning for months and months. It's not fresh to your spouse-to-be anymore. And by the way, at this point it is inconceivable that there are still more things to decide about the wedding.

Instead of being whipsawed by wedding etiquette and planning, you can accept the realities of the process, appreciate the complexity of the event, and set in motion the actions essential to achieve a wedding day perfect for you.

Be grateful for the love you share, the celebration of joy, and the opportunity to choose happiness once again reflected in the face you love.

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