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Wedding ceremony? Chocolate wedding favors are something I especially like. They are as personal and beautiful as the couple's planned event. A twist is to distribute them at the nuptials as part of a ritual.

Petite sweet morsels stay fresh, and don't melt in a pocket or evening bag during the big event.

It's a sweet touch and something you can enjoy along with your guests throughout the event.

Edible favors are a popular choice among wedding couples as they are inexpensive, lightweight for transporting, and universally enjoyed by adults and children.

Wedding ceremony chocolate wedding favors are delicious addition to nuptials.

Busy couples can have elegantly packaged personalized chocolate wedding favors like these delivered right to your door.

"I needed a cheap wedding favor but never thought I could get a brand name item that we could personalize. Thanks for leading us to the chocolate!" Rae Ann and Jimmy, Bozeman, MT

All you have to do prior to the wedding is get them to the venue and have the catering staff set them out on the big day. No muss, no fuss for you.

Wedding ceremony chocolates are as unexpected as they are welcome during nuptials.

Custom message tins are delightful and small enough to slip into an evening bag or pocket.

Adorable personalized Hershey's Kisses, as well as personalized Hershey's Miniatures and "your message" wrapped Hershey's chocolate bars. They are each delicious guest pleasers.

For Belgian chocolate lovers, there are full size bars in custom message wrappers. These will be remembered long after the chocolate's been savored and nibbled away with a sip of champagne.

Have a color theme for your big day? Any combination is possible. With over 25 colors to choose from M&M's creates wedding day candies with your own personal words and photos. You can mix and match to complement whatever you desire. 

M&M's are prized favors because they don't melt down even during a sunny beach wedding.

Whatever you choose, you will have all the advantages of a do-it-yourself favor without all the work!

Sorcerers prescribed cacao both as a stimulant and as a soothing balm. Warriors took it as an energy-boosting drink, and cacao butter was used as a dressing for wounds as long ago as the 4th century.

Elaine Sherman, Madame Chocolate herself, glowed in her enthusiasm, "Chocolate is heavenly, mellow ... deep, dark, sumptuous, gratifying ... dense, creamy ... rich, excessive, silky, smooth, luxurious, celestial. Chocolate is downfall, happiness, ... love ... chocolate makes us ... healthy, chic, happy."

What better wedding favor can there be?

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