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Conversation starters for shy people assist if you are panic-stricken at the thought of chatting with strangers at dinner or any place.

Being self-conscious and timid about meeting people for business or socializing, may create an impression of being indifferent or unfriendly.

Your weak interest might be caused by your lack of self-confidence.

Are you wary of people? Do you feel inferior to others? Then it's almost impossible to have a smooth exchange or interaction. In the end, you are left to yourself for the most part. If you want to get ahead, have a meaningful relationship with a partner, then chatting with yourself isn't pleasurable or profitable.

Tips And Tricks To Try

Develop Courage. Without a smile on your face, you look forbidding, grave, and someone who wants to avoid human contact. If this is your expression it then effectively prevents any friendly advances.

First, put a smile on your face. It doesn't have to be from ear-to-ear. It does have to appear pleasant. It broadcasts ordinary human cheerfulness.

Next, casually invite a colleague or someone else to get a cup or coffee or soft drink. Center your talk on topics you know best. This helps you fight down your embarrassment.

For example, if you met this person while umpiring a softball game, talk about softball and umpiring. If you bump into each other most days in the sandwich shop, talk about sandwiches or special sandwich sauces. Keep the talk light. After a few minutes you'll start to feel more at ease and relaxed.

Others First. Think about the needs of others. You will lose your own timidity when you do so. For example, if you are part of a work team that plays chess or a sport, think about others. Is there enough light for the team member with a sight issue? Is the designated space accessible to a colleague with an injury? Is there a vegan option? Something else?

When you consider the needs of others as individuals, you gradually gain a previously lacking human interest.

As a result, you can become known for a cooperative spirit, efficiency, productivity, and sense of fulfillment - a valued team player. Gradually, your anxiety and hesitancy are completely replaced by your interest in others.

Eye Contact Interest. One of my wedding ceremony brides, Stacy Alden, recently relocated from a small town to a large university in a metropolitan city. Her parents live in China.

She was having trouble making contacts and social connections in her new environment. "I'm so lonely," she said. "The people I come in contact with who I might have something in common with seem to be totally wrapped up in their own lives. I don't seem to be able to make acquaintances let alone friends."

Stacy is a sensitive young woman who can feel nervous with others. As we talked I explained about using "eye contact interest" with certain other graduate students. This is a foundation skill and basis of conversation starters for shy people. And I reminded her of the advantage she enjoyed through living in China.

A week passed. I received an email from Stacy. "Although I've used the eye contact interest as a test with several graduate students for a few days, I find people coming up and talking to me for minutes instead of brushing past me. I feel less nervous and am able to talk more easily based on the class work we're going through. I'm fairly certain I won't be lonely any more - any place."
Because our lives are crowded, hurried, and maybe a bit solitary for the timid, we may need some re-vitalizing. Why not start using these conversation starters for shy people and begin gaining experience? And ... say good-bye to annoying restraints like self-consciousness and lack of self-confidence.

After all, it's living that fosters tolerance, understanding, and an adventurous spirit. You can be your natural, authentic self under any and all circumstances.

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