Wedding Ceremony: Couples
Conversation Starters
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Wedding ceremony? Couples conversation starters are the antidote to the jibe, "If a couple doesn't speak over a meal they're married."

Many a twosome offer up the lame excuse that when they get home after a day at work, they want to relax.

News flash: There's a difference between relaxing and veering off into indifference. Or being preoccupied with laundry and various chores at the expense of your relationship.

Remember when you first met? Remember the eagerness and enthusiasm you experienced anticipating spending time with your partner?

Wedding ceremony couples conversation starters for the dating duo, already married, engaged, and otherwise curious.

While being a duo in a committed relationship creates familiarity, it doesn't have to dull your interest in each other.

Here are a few ways to re-vitalize your chats. These suggestions can spice up sharing time together at home and away.

And, they will serve you and your partner well even when the going is roughest.

If you have kids or are thinking about having kids, these are easy ways for your offspring to learn about talking with others.

General Suggestions

Positive Interactions. You are very familiar and mindful of your partner's likes and life dreams. These are subjects of interest to your partner. It becomes easy to use your smart phone to check out a topic of interest, find a blog post or article or book review on the subject, and share the points as the basis of a chat over take-out or eat-out. This can become a ritual.

The ritual helps solidify friendly intimacy. This leads to mellowing out, thinking, discussing, and positivity. All help to strengthen your relationship.

Cultivate A Wide Swing. In other words, get as far away as you can from the type of people and ideas that are your routine for couples conversation starters.

Have an independent hobby - one within the home and one outside the home that doesn't depend on anyone else, and share a common interest. That gives you five subjects for enthusiastic and interesting discussions. These are over and above breaking news, or wedding ceremony planning, or child rearing as these are routine.

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One partner I know of works as a computer scientist. Off time this individual spends the odd day or evening casually engaged with experienced mariners at a local hangout.

From these talks this acquaintance has heard tall tales of daring adventures on ships and their ways on the high seas. And is familiar now with world ports, trade routes, and other facts of shipping, and can embellish this data with anecdotes heard along the way.

Whether you live in a small town, large city or somewhere in between, there are buildings - architecture - with stories. They are valuable and offer couples conversation starters inspiration for many enjoyable chats.

Simplify Your Topic. When you introduce a hobby or activity of special interest to you into the conversation, frame it in a way that everyone will understand and enjoy it. You may have to streamline your specialized knowledge and explanation for others. This helps them get their head around what you are talking about.

Unusual. When you mention what went on during the day, emphasize those features that are novel and entertaining to your partner (or listener). If you simply go on and on about details of activities that offer nothing new, significant or entertaining, the exchange will come to a standstill and be over before it's started.

I encourage you to give these couples conversation starters a try. Use your time at home to prove to yourself and your partner that with care, and a little patience you can create a cheerful, friendly and interesting atmosphere.

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