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Design an engagement ring that wins your soon-to-be-affianced's stamp of approval? Easier today than ever.

Simply put, a loving couple needs to be realistic. And you need to spend what you are comfortable with. And you need to create something both beautiful that suits the person who will accept the proposal and wear the band. It's a major life decision and major purchase for every budget.

You both must be proud of your commitment. And each of you must be proud of the visual symbol of that commitment on your finger.

Top Trends: Design An Engagement Ring


Top Trend: Custom Design
Expert jewelers are where you live, or nearby. Don't be put off by an expensive looking local independent jewelry store. Usually, it can match anything you find online and provide better quality within your budget and the look you're after. Plus, it's fun to be involved in the creative process.

Loose diamond or gemstone already purchased online or from a referral? Your local independent jeweler can help you take a look around to see what designers' settings for engagement rings you're interested in. The jeweler can help you make something pretty done reasonably.

Your local independent jeweler often has sketchers on hand to help customers just like you visualize their ideas -- including perennially popular vintage looking engagement rings like these. Some will hook microscopes up to flat-screen TVs and show you large-scale images of the design process with the elements you're considering through CAD (computer aided design) software.

You can get a quote on the spot for your band.

Top Trend: Colored Gemstones
Thanks to Will and Kate (you know the future Brits to the Throne), lots of brides-to-be are on the prowl for "princess makers": pink or yellow diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds.

You can express your personality and signature style rather than getting the same thing your friends have on their ring fingers. And you can find these rocks for every budget.

Top Trend: Eco-friendly Conflict Free
Being conscious of how your choices impact the environment is positive. Choose bands made from recycled gold, platinum, silver, palladium, tungsten, diamonds, colored gemstones.

As these materials retain their value, you don't have to compromise quality. Plus it helps you help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.


Top Trend: Classic Solitaire Diamond
In style and in fashion since the late 19th century, the diamond solitaire forever will be desirable. Selecting a halo setting - a crown of smaller diamonds that surrounds the center stone - is a fab and cost-effective way to give a small center stone a much bigger look. The halo setting is still very popular and every bit as timeless.

Top Trend: Upgrading
Something I see when performing vow renewal wedding ceremonies that is gaining in popularity is upgrading your original ring. Basically, you and your partner swap your original stone and band for a larger stone and you design an engagement ring to suit you and your lifestyle now. I think it's great!

Since most newly-engaged couples I see are just starting their careers while paying off student loans and saving for a down-payment on a home, a large more expensive band isn’t an option.

A few years into the marriage, however, upgrading is a meaningful way to celebrate where you’ve been as a couple and where you’re going in the future together.

Top Trend: Men's Engagement Rings or Man-gagement
I have seen men's engagement rings gaining popularity in the gay community and straight community. Same gender couples who come to me for custom written and performed legal wedding ceremonies often design an engagement ring and proudly show off the result of their men's engagement rings.

Having written and performed hundreds of custom legal wedding ceremonies, I have seen hundreds of betrothal and wedding bands. What I notice is that there aren't a lot of rules when it comes to creating a betrothal band.

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