Ducks And Sunflowers Big Day

by Liza Gasparik
(Monroe, NY)

This homemade sunflower wedding cake square was for my niece. She's fun, quirky and sunflowers are her favorite flower. The cake itself is dark chocolate and white chocolate layers with cannoli cream filling. The cannoli cream I made is traditional Italian with bits of chocolate and bits of candied Italian fruit.

About a week before the wedding is when I tried making fondant sunflowers. I tinted the fondant by kneading in golden yellow, brown for the centers and green for the leaves. I just couldn't get them to work for me. Instead of panicking, I went to the craft store and picked-up silk sunflowers to decorate her homemade wedding cake. They look great on the cake and I didn't make myself crazy.

REVEREND MATTIE COMMENTS: Just as there's a plan to creating the most beautiful cake, there's the Wedding Ceremony Order Of Service. This allows the Officiate and the couple to create an experience where family, friends, loved ones are included, comfortable and calm participating.

For the frosting I made buttercream and used it to ice the layers smooth. Then I went back over the top and bottom layers using a toothpick to mark off where the scoring was to be. I piped little tinted dots to the scoring.

Stacking the layers went okay, but in trying to keep the layers level, you can see they didn't quite connect. If I filled in the empty spot with piping work I thought it would look too heavy.

And then I added the wedding cake duck bride and groom topper from my niece, arranged the flowers. My sisters and I transferred it to the cake table under the tent. Everyone thought it looked great. And it sure tasted great. My niece and her husband really loved their homemade sunflower wedding cake square.

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