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Evidential mediumship is true to its definition ... proof, verification, substantiation. And that is what clients want from a medium.

And the spirits? They were people who trod the earth with a connection to you. And they also want to work with credible mediums. Hence, evidential mediumship.

The spirits who communicate through me to clients want their living loved ones to be able to identify them through details. And details are the evidence.

If a psychic or medium were to say to a client, "Your cousin is here and he says you're going to get money this month." How would you even know it is your cousin?

With vagueness like that, anytime you receive change from a purchase this month, or pick up a penny from the sidewalk, you got money this month. Yipes!

"When we started getting messages from the spirits of our loved ones who came through during the recent reading, M.K., we were surprised by the specific details. There is no way you could have known about any of them. By the end of the reading we knew that although we can't see and touch them in the physical sense, they continue to hear and see us. And their love is around us all the time." R and T, New York

Spirits who are communicating through me or any other credible medium during an appointment, want their loved ones to receive details and messages from them that the medium would have no way of knowing.

Here you find FAQ regarding M.K. Adams mediumistic appointments.

It is an honor and a privilege to continue the noble work and study of evidential mediumship.

My readings are grounded, practical, and authentic. They are bridges between your consciousness and your higher consciousness.

Most often spirits pass along messages that create an environment to empower and motivate you to create positive future change.

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