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Since 1847 Cartier jewelry has offered expensive wedding rings. The firm has been taking advantage of new technologies that made platinum highly flexible and therefore suitable for Louis-Francois Cartier's intricately embroidered designs.

Expensive wedding rings train the eye for quality. Cartier's designs were inspired by Paris's great cathedrals. Coincidentally, the birth of the house of Cartier dovetailed with the discovery of South African diamond mines.

Today the Cartier Trinity ring first created in 1924 continues as a classic and top seller.

"All the bands we shopped for looked wrong on me. When I decided to get your e-zine the very first issue sent me to jewelery designers who had a totally different vibe. It was like their energy was in sync with mine. No more bridentity crisis!" Flynnie and Mel, Anaconda, MT

Wedding ceremony expensive wedding rings train the eye for craftsmanship, longevity, and presentation.

The Cartier d'Amour is a newly designed ring with a single brilliant-cut center stone and a white diamond pave band intended to be admired from every vantage point.

Distinctive Bulgari jewelry design is characterized by bold, architectural designs, interlocking links, and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Wedding ceremony high-priced rings are available at authorized jewelers where you can try on brand trademarks such as colored stones.

Visit the website or drop by an authorized jeweler to view and try on rings of colored stones, a trademark of the house.

Bulgari is known for its sapphires mixed with all metals and other gemstones, making for individualistic rings.

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Brand name expensive wedding rings can represent the authenticity of your true love.

True love is ... well, everywhere.

From Albania to Zanzibar and every nook and cranny on the face of the earth you know it when you see it.

So on the day-of your wedding ceremony when everyone gathers together to bear witness to your commitment, exchange rings that are authentic. Like your love.

Tiffany & Co. does sell expensive wedding rings. Yet, it still does sell reasonably priced bands and diamonds. Tiffany & Co. is noted for it's high quality diamonds even if you must select a smaller stone to fit your budget.

It's the quality of the stone that retains its value.

If you are torn between sacrificing quality to fit your budget, don't. It's better in the long term to secure a smaller size diamond that is of better quality for your budget.

Take a look. Train your eye. It's the only way you can see the difference and make informed choices whatever your budget.

These long-established jewelry firms are still thriving because they deliver superlative craftsmanship, notable gems, design integrity, and keep up with changing tastes.

It's easy to learn by seeing real rings and trying them on. Very soon you'll be able to tell the difference in quality.

Invest in the best quality for your budget. Let your heart be your guide.

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