From PhD To Proposal

by Abia and Russell
(London, England)

We didn't start out with romantic words and stories. I met Russell at our church picnic five years ago. He was outspoken about despising weddings. It irked me no end to listen to him go on and on. A few months after the picnic, our pastor appointed us to a committee to revive the youth ministry.

We were thrust into meetings. Over time we developed a warm friendship, as we dated other people. I didn't want to develop a personal relationship while we were working together at church.

REVEREND MATTIE COMMENTS: If marriage success is the sum of small moments woven together in a cloth of many colors, then may this couple enjoy many decades of picnics, chocolates and meaningful tokens.

One day I opened my mailbox to discover a box of Swiss chocolate from his recent business trip. I knew he was interested in me, but I had a dissertation to finish and defend. There was no time for love in my schedule.

He was understanding - and persistent. He kept dropping off little tokens in my mailbox like a dotted Swiss hankie, or more of those chocolates. He insinuated his way into my heart as I worked through my drama.

After a four-year prelude to courtship, we were married at our church, the site of that life-changing picnic!

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by: Auntie Laura Bledscoe

A romantic love story fueled by chocolate, God and commerce. Take care of each other. We all love you both!

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