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Wearing the right bridal full figure lingerie that fits properly makes a statuesque woman smile in appreciation of her supported physique.

After a lifetime of being miss-fit, many statuesque women find it hard to believe that bridal lingerie is meant for them.

Properly fit, underpinnings can transform you and make your wedding gown.

You've hunted down the wedding gown or dress that you love. It's the showpiece everyone who comes to your wedding will see.

"After speaking with the full figure fitting expert you referred, I was determined to have a lingerie fitting. You were both right! It transformed me and my gown. Looking at my wedding pictures I can't believe how very pretty I looked in my gown. Thank you for everything you did to help." Ann and Todd, Dowagiac, MI

What you wear under it is the key to your feeling comfortable and looking smooth and tailored for the entire big day.

Many wedding gowns dresses are designed to wear full figure foundation garments underneath.

The next step is to shop for your plus size bridal lingerie. Fit properly, you will look as lovely as plus size lingerie models.

Fit properly foundation garments are comfortable and enhance your figure by improving your posture. They also contribute to your looking perfectly proportioned and more youthful as they support the bodice of your gown.

Females affected with a protruding, bloating, bulging belly can find the Flat Stomach Diet and Exercises help here.

Whatever style you choose of full figure lingerie, the embellished, embroidered and more ornate foundation garments are for gowns and dresses in fabrics with more weight and texture as the ornamentation won't show through.

If your gown or dress fabric is clingy or lightweight, look for foundation garments that are absolutely smooth.

Underneath the underpinnings, it's still you. No matter how you feel about your form on your wedding day, when you present it in a way you think is beautiful, you're a stunner.

As you'll be wearing the foundation garments lingerie all day, it's essential for it to fit you properly and comfortably under your wedding gown or dress.

To be clear, a foundation garment is often a strapless, fitted one-piece bodice that extends over the torso. It will support, maintain and smooth your shape. Usually, a foundation garment is stiffened with flexible plastic boning or metal and closes in the front or back with hooks-and-eyes or lacing.

When you go questing for this underpinning, be prepared to spend some time shopping. Most likely, you'll need to try on several styles.

If there's a lingerie store near you, make an appointment with a salesperson experienced fitting curvy full figure lingerie. Ask if they carry stock in bridal full figure lingerie. The experienced salesperson can provide help with styles, sizes and fitting. She can help you experiment with different sizes and shapes.

Be aware that if you go to a department store lingerie department it's not likely you'll get the essential help you need.

After you have the bridal full figure lingerie, then take ALL of it -- that is, everything you will be wearing under your gown or dress, and your bridal shoes -- with you to your wedding gown fitting.

This simple tip can help you easily avoid discomfort and not feeling at your best on your wedding day.

The discomfort will show up in your wedding pictures and who wants to see that forever?

During the fitting you and your fitter will be able to see if any underpinnings are showing through or riding up and out of your gown or dress.

It's much better to make adjustments at the fitting rather than to continually tug, shift or pull at your gown or dress during the big day.

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