Gay Engagement Rings
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Gay engagement rings are available for every budget. You can find them in beautiful brick and mortar stores where you can try them on.

And you can create an entirely customized band simply and easily in person.

Some same gender couples look forward to selecting rings announcing their betrothal.

Others opt for investment watches, or other investment jewelry. Whatever you and your partner prefer is a perfect form of self-expression.

Remember to build a relationship with a jeweler. And do go to visit high-end brands like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Bulgari, and others. These visits help train your eye to quality and what quality in jewelry actually means.


"We both work as set designers. It was important that we be able to create rings that looked totally contemporary without being trendy and could stand up to our work. These bands are our first together and next will be our weddings bands." Alex and Sam, New York, NY

Trust. It's the single most important factor in buying "that ring" or lesbian wedding rings. Probably because it's the most expensive jewelry item you've purchased so far to give to someone you love. Many couples choose by brand in person due to the trust and credibility factor.

Don't be put off by an expensive looking local independent jewelry store. Usually, it can match anything you find on line and provide better quality within your budget and the look you're after including tungsten or titanium options.

And when you find what you're looking for, it's perfectly fine to ask, "Can you do a little better on the price?" Many times you will receive an accommodation.

Jewelry retailers who have sketchers on hand to help customers just like you visualize their ideas are terrific. Some will hook microscopes up to flat-screen TVs and show you large-scale images of the design process with the elements you're considering through CAD (computer aided design) software.

More good news: you can get a quote on the spot for your gay engagement rings at most brick and mortar jewelry shops!

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