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Wedding ceremony gay wedding rings come in increasingly diverse options.

Today's couples look for self-expression while being budget-conscious.

Fortunately, there is still plenty of wiggle room for individuality - even within the lower price points.

As a same gender couple you may be more established in your career and enjoy a gracious lifestyle.

Or, you may be embarking together on the trip of a lifetime building as you go.

Whatever your situation, there are many idiosyncratic choices available for every budget.

Wedding ceremony gay wedding rings are marvelous ritual addition to nuptials and provide striking photo opportunities.

"Until you asked us if we would have a ring ritual during our ceremony, we hadn't thought about it. As soon as you described it, we knew we wanted it. Thanks for suggesting the private jeweler. His work topped anything we saw online, and fit our budget. You know how great they looked during the ceremony. Here's a picture to show how photogenic they are!" Tommy and Rickie, New York, NY

As you begin researching gay wedding rings, gay engagement rings or lesbian wedding rings, here are a few helpful tips. I've put them together based on the couples I've worked with.

  • Quality counts. If you have a choice between "size" or "quality" for your budget, go with "quality". The reason is that it holds it's value. Lesser quality materials and stones are always in plentiful supply, so they have a greater range for discounting. That means they may well not hold value over time. And you may not get "the look" you're after.

  • Visit name brand jewelry stores to train your eye even if you think you can't afford it. Without knowing what creates value, you won't be able to make informed choices.

    So off you go to Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Bulgari, and other high-end brands.

    Go to the best jewelry store wherever you live. The local independent jeweler can do you just as well if not better than any on-line company for quality, size and budget - including unset or loose stones - and still get you the look for the gay wedding rings you're after!

    You'll get personal attention, and a trunkload of free information that will help you make your better jewelry decisions. And most local independent jewelers include a lifetime of jewelry check-ups and cleanings ... free.

  • Don't rush. Your gay wedding rings including tungsten and titanium are a long-term investment in your shared life. You have many details to consider when it comes to the style of your bands. Gems? Diamonds? Metals? Symbols? Weight? Durability? The process can take 3 to 6 months of effort.

  • How do you know what your partner likes in a band? Scope out the goodies together. Today's couples often window shop together for gay wedding rings and bring along the facts gathered from online research.

  • Develop a relationship with a jeweler. Gems and fresh, edgy designs are constantly coming to market. Having a relationship with a jeweler who gets to know your style and budget, he or she keeps an eye out for a piece that is uniquely yours and get you the look you're after.

  • Entirely customized. With today's jewelers having CAD (computer aided design) or who are capable of creating custom pieces, you can design a wedding ring or an engagement ring to meet your same-gender jewelry needs together with your personal jeweler, simply and easily.

  • Color and cut for the more design-driven same gender couples can be more important if you want to push farther away from tradition to get what you want.

    You might opt for a more modern, clean, architectural design, and unconventional mountings - see Bulgari as a world-class example.

    Yellow, blue, violet, red, orange, green, and black diamonds and other gemstones are all available. You can look for fancy cuts rather than round.

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