Gazebo Gardens Positively Charm

by Meghan and Anthony
(Ocean, New Jersey)

In our wedding photo album you can see that our outdoor garden wedding was an intimate party that included ice-cream cones! We had to have it serene and quirky, just like us. Anthony and I really enjoyed planning our wedding. We love being outdoors.

REVEREND MATTIE COMMENTS: After you are pronounced married, and after the big day comes to an end, many couples plan a vacation of sorts. There are a number of honeymoon destinations in June that can be taken outdoors in nature.

So the English Manor was the site that gave us the opportunity to do both really well. Dinner was inside and just a mouthwatering meal. The party zipped by and we could hardly believe it was time to end. It's fun to watch the video and thumb through our wedding photo album.

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by: gardentrack9

The light touched you both at an angle that makes you glow. Be as happy as you are in this photo forevermore. Gown is gossamer vision.

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