Wedding Ceremony Gemstone
Engagement Rings


Wedding ceremony gemstone engagement rings, and bands in general, symbolize the creation of an emotional bridge between you and your beloved.

If you are in the market for a sizable stone, colored stones give you the opportunity to have a much larger stone without sacrificing quality while preserving your budget.

Natural colored stones are an attractive way to personalize a betrothal band while looking modern.

As you dream about taking the first step of your life's journey together, the band you select mirrors the emotional gratification you feel.

Wedding ceremony gemstone engagement rings are trending in popularity as they can be more versatile and unexpected.

"Giving meaning to our colored stones made designing and selecting our gemstone engagement rings so much easier. Your advice to interview jewelers and see jewelry in person was so much more fulfilling. We are looking forward to your performing our 'sparkling' ceremony. Thanks for all your help." Carole and Ralph, Florence, SC

Ornate vintage settings to modern simplicity in settings are all easily available. Build a relationship with a local jeweler whose work you admire. See colored stones in person and also look at a variety of settings for engagement rings. Or design your own setting working with your jeweler to reflect your individual style.

You can view and select gemstone engagement rings that are vintage looking engagement rings, sophisticated, dramatic and seductive with a lot of depth - like your relationship. Or perhaps you want your bands to reflect your vivaciousness. Colored stones can create a high-visibility brilliance on your finger and look like an adrenaline rush feels.

Jewelry preferences are as varied as today's definitions of marriage itself.

You can take pride in the fact that you don't have to do things the way other couples do. You can simply and easily put your own stamp on your rings and wedding jewelry.

Let's say you love pink. And you are budget-conscious.

Wedding ceremony gemstone engagement rings run the gamut from priceless to budget conscious without sacrificing style or carats.

You could delight in affordable cat's-eye tourmaline, or the very affordable star rose quartz.

Love pink and less price sensitive? Then turn your attention to the pricey pink star sapphire.

Many people throughout history believe that colors are power, and that colored stones are particularly powerful as gemstone engagement rings.

  • Pink star sapphire engagement rings means the giver will love you forever. Stones in pink suggest feelings of love, deep caring and acceptance.

  • Red ruby engagement rings and red tourmalines represent prosperity, the courage to pursue your dreams together, and life's vital energy.

  • Blue tanzanite engagement rings and lapis lazuli suggest you will counteract chaos and be authentic and respectful in open communication that expands perspective between the two of you and your world. Wear blue your love will be true.

  • Purple tanzanite and purple rhodolite garnets are for those couples whose connection to each other is of the purest intention. It represents the bond of awareness you share to join your highest selves; to inspire each other to reach your greatest happiness. Purple is believed to eliminate obstacles and overcome the challenges of married life.

  • Black diamonds and black onyx mark the resilience of the wearer and giver. As a couple preparing to marry, stones in black symbolize the place of solace, rest, potential and possibility that exists between you.

  • Yellow sphene and yellow chrysoberyl signify that you will each develop the wisdom to make sound decisions together; you will protect each other from melancholy, lethargy and sluggish thinking.

  • Green emerald and green tanzanite symbolize the harmony that will infuse your relationship. They promote growth, fertility, prosperity and wealth.

  • Orange sapphire and orange garnet represent becoming more involved with your happiness as a couple and individually. They will support your ability to change with the flow of your relationship, and stimulate your creativity and respectful sense of humor.

  • White diamond and white topaz signify beginning through loyal love with complete clarity, openness and truth. They represent the ability to work together to clear obstacles in married life to fulfill the destiny of your relationship.

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