Wedding Ceremony Gift Certificates


Giving a wedding ceremony to the nuptial couple is not as easily packaged as a present.

A gift certificate for a wedding ceremony, however, is a gracious and thoughtful gift the couple appreciates.

This is how a nuptial couple benefited from such a gift.

As it turned out, both sets of the couples's parents would not be able to attend their children's wedding in New York due to health issues.

This was known well in advance, although the news was unsettling and sad for all concerned.


The bride- and groom-to-be were well-established in their respective careers. They were intending to pay for the yacht wedding ceremony and reception themselves.

Their parents, however, so wanted to provide a gift that showed how much they all valued the new family their children were creating.

A few phone calls and emails later, the parents decided on a gift certificate to the couple for a custom, legal wedding ceremony presented and unwrapped at the engagement party.

How creative they were! And how forward thinking the parents were concerning their children.

I was delighted to facilitate and fulfill the surprise.  I was even more delighted to write and ultimately officiate the wedding ceremony.

Gift certificates for Wedding Ceremony With Heart can be in any amount and will be applied as a non-refundable credit to my fee for a wedding ceremony.

I invite you to call me at 1-973-263-4681, or use the contact form here regarding the gift certificates you have in mind.

With heartfelt regards,

Reverend Mattie
Non-denominational, custom, legal, secular
or spiritual wedding ceremonies uniquely
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