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Homemade Wedding Cakes

Even An Amateur Can Make


Wedding ceremony gallery of homemade wedding cakes is where you find the latest photos and preparation tips sent in from our readers who are home bakers - just like you.

There are 1,001 designs and twice as many ideas to help you make a decision about what to slice at your reception.

Writing and officiating custom legal ceremonies, I have seen and tasted countless confections.

Many are designed and created with love for the happy couple by family and friends ... home bakers.

This is where talented home bakers and novice bakers can share their beautiful and amazing edible creations. The creativity and presentation is sure to bring an ear-to-ear smile to your face.

Wedding ceremony cup cake wedding cakes on display throughout nuptials is trending.

Talented bakers the world over share pictures of homemade wedding confections. These pastries made indelible, edible, memorable moments. Each is forever captured in photographs for couples celebrating their marriage!

Every day we add new photos and preparation tips submitted by nuptial couples, talented home bakers and novice bakers everywhere.

Browse around and let them spark your creative side. What would you like to see on the cake table that reflects your love, relationship and lifestyle?

Talented home bakers - just like you - have created edible creations with themes like these ...

... and more all divided into quick, manageable sub-categories.

Find simple reader submitted step-by-step directions throughout the gallery to help guide you through the process.

And all the resources throughout this gallery are always free. They're for you, by busy talented home bakers and novice bakers like you. 

Do send over your homemade cake photos, tips, tricks and techniques to share using this form today. You'll automatically be entered to win a cash prize in our cake contest.

They're for inspiration and enjoyment. They're for creating memorable moments with your family, friends and reception guests.

And you'll be proud to know you're taking part in helping other busy talented home bakers and amateur bakers create smiles and memories for years to come!

Already have creative, elegant, fun homemade wedding cake photos and tips to share ... then send them over using this form. You'll automatically be entered to win a cash prize in our contest.

Browse around the list of themes above. You'll find an ever-growing selection based on what real couples chose to slice at their weddings.

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