Honeymoon Lingerie


Honeymoon lingerie is what to wear when the "big day" turns into your big night.

Some brides have always dreamed of a fairytale wedding night. If that's you, go for the long pastel peignoir set.

Others want a camisole with tap pants or shorts.

If you're a rebel at heart, a racer-back teddy in a bright color is another consideration.

My suggestion for the honeymoon is to wear something different every night. This way you can create a fresh scenario that's unexpected and anticipated with delight.

"I hadn't thought about getting cuter lingerie for our honeymoon. But it's a great idea. I'm so glad I did. We were so relaxed and it was fun to make a few more sparks." Michelle and Corey, Warwick, RI

This romantic time away after the wedding is the perfect time to unwind, have a relaxed agenda, reconnect in a fresh way, and enjoy having more spontaneous fun with each other.

Following is the scoop on rotating honeymoon lingerie.

Options are included also for standard sizes and full figure plus sizes.

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Wedding Night - Signature Color/Style: White

Soft fabrics feel angelic and make even the most daring designs seem demure.

Flirt with your spouse. It's a sweet reminder of first experiences together. Wearing a tank T-shirt and shorts evokes the college coed and can be demure and interesting.

Next Day - Signature Color/Style: Animal Print Lingerie

Animal prints and foundation garments style lacing hint at a jungle vibe side.

Hosiery and fishnets, add to the intrigue of animal prints you can find in catalogs and at brick and mortar stores including full figure here.

Third Day - Signature Color/Style: Appealing Black Chiffon

If you've ever envisioned showing up to meet your spouse in a trench coat with lightweight underpinning garments, the effect of an appealing black chiffon item can't be ignored.

Feel more comfortable in a full ensemble? Then opt for a black foundation garments. Add hosiery and complete the ensemble with a pair of black heels for better posture. You can find appealing chiffon underpinnings in ALL sizes.

Day After - Signature Color/Style: Bold Colors Lingerie

With all the options available, you can turn from demure to stimulating without having to change a thing.

So while you and your spouse turn your attention to creating ambiance through candles, incense, pillows, rose petals and mood-setting music, you have another surprise that might be a bit bold and engaging.

There are many, many comfortable flirty lingerie styles for all figures and price points.

And The Day After That - Signature Color/Style: Whatever Suits

It's fun to have a play date with your spouse. Honeymoon lingerie can be as simple or elaborate as can be. It can be found in smooth lightweight cotton, silk, stretch lace, chiffon and less revealing fabrics.

And inexpensive or cheap underpinnings are readily available for your budget, size, shape and style.

Many brides to be have told me they are afraid of offending their grooms to be with honeymoon lingerie. I'll tell you what I tell them.

Pick a subdued style that pleases you. It will make you feel relaxed and beautiful. The rest will follow most naturally.

If you've never brought lingerie into the room where you and your spouse sleep, it's not so easy revealing that more adventurous side of your personality to someone -- your someone -- unless there is real trust.

Lingerie is meant to be worn your way. You don't have to change your personality to wear it. You might blush, giggle, and even feel more at ease joking around a bit. It's about trust, not being in a Hollywood movie.

Enjoy yourself and get together naturally. Avoid taking yourself and your spouse too seriously. You're both trying to have an enjoyable and satisfying time together in the present moment on romantic vacations.

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