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Lesbian wedding rings can have a high-low feel like expensive champagne served in Mason jars.

Or they can be traditional and match. Or steeped in luxe. Or be more design-driven 180 degrees away from tradition. Or anything in between.

The choice turns on personal style, taste and budget.

It's like being two D.J.'s living under the same roof. You both want to play something good. You may want to keep your collections entirely separate. You respect and honor your differences. You both know how to rock on together.

"As a real estate agent and playwright we both have flexible lives. We wanted our bands to have a not-trying-too-hard-to-be-casual look about them. It was fun getting to know and working with our local independent jeweler upstate to find ours." Alaka and Michiko, New York, NY

Wedding ceremony lesbian wedding rings reflect you as individuals and as a couple.

One of the best ways to go about selecting a jeweler as your source for gay wedding rings and engagement rings is to find someone who wants to know everything about your nuptials without thinking your story is boring.

For the jeweler, it's the way to find out who you are as individuals. Learning to know about you through your matrimonial preparation, planning and band design concepts is a jeweler's secret weapon to completely get your tastes and personalities including alternative metals such as titianium options and tungsten variants.

The process is sooo about your deciding to trust the jeweler you select.

You can find "that jeweler" in beautiful brick and mortar stores where you can try bands on and ask questions comfortably. And you can create an entirely customized band simply and easily in person.

Also, developing a relationship with a jeweler gives you an advantage. As gems and fresh designs come into the market daily, having a relationship with a jeweler who knows your style and budget, he or she keeps a lookout for a signature piece that is uniquely you.

By scoping out the bands together, you can see what your partner likes in the way of bands including gemstone cuts.

Fear no colored stones. A pop of color is both modern and classic. Diamonds and other gemstones come in blue, violet, green, black, yellow, red, orange and pink. Whatever you and your partner prefer is the perfect form of self-expression for your lesbian wedding rings.

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