Love Is A Heart

by Kelsey Mathis
(East Providence, RI)

This homemade heart shaped wedding cake served as the centerpiece for a wedding reception and family reunion. I suggested we make the cake reflect those Southern plantation houses with columns.

My cousin, Cat, and partner, Tig, had a Southern veranda hearts and flowers theme going on so this would work.

REVEREND MATTIE COMMENTS: Wedding themes can be wonderful and enhance the big day. Using a Wedding Ceremony Checklist can insure creating an experience for you and your guests.

Since it was my very own family and they didn't know I decorated cakes, I figured no time like the present. We agreed I'd bake a coconut cake with tangy pineapple curd filling. The square shape continued the wedding theme.

A few weeks before baking the cake I made about a dozen pink sweetheart roses with royal icing.

And I made dozens of pink hearts with royal icing. There's an old school way of doing the hearts that works and is simple. Draw hearts of various sizes on stiff paper or cardboard. I drew six: 3 pairs of 2. Then I lay larger sheets of waxed paper marked off into squares over the cardboard template. The number of sheets depends on the final number you're going for plus the ones that you ruin while you're doing this.

Next trace an outline of the heart with tinted glace icing and a fine writing tube. At once fill in with additional glace icing. Slide the waxed paper off the cardboard and leave the hearts alone until they dry. Store in a cool dry place. Glace icing gets firm and stackable, not rock hard like royal icing.

Once baked and absolutely cooled, I coated the cake with almond paste to help it retain moisture while being stored for several days. This also added a creaminess that would work in the finished cake.

I used buttercream icing to frost the cake. Same to dab behind each heart to stick in place around the layers. Same to pipe cake corner decorations and details around the hearts.

Got everything to the reception venue and assembled there. Last I arranged silver leaves from the craft store under each sweetheart rose. The homemade heart shaped wedding cake is topped with a large pink craft store bow and decorative rings with silver leaves. My family is amazed that I can do this. And that it tastes great, too!

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