Luxury Lingerie


Luxury lingerie first came into my life on a trip to Cannes, France.

Mesmerized by a window display simultaneously enchanting, feminine and simple, I was drawn into this jewel box of a shop.

Hours later and many Euros lighter, my initiation was complete.

I understood the allure of this fabric, this craftsmanship, this elegance, this femininity.

Brands that understand this aesthetic include Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Eres, Wolford, Aubade, Claire Pettibone, Lola Luna, Fleur of England, Les Jupons de Tess and Vannina Vesperini among others.

"Wow, it's amazing! That's all I can say about this new foundation garment that makes me look ten pounds thinner in my wedding gown. I've been wearing it figuring to break it in, but because it fits so perfectly, it's super comfortable. Thanks for all the great information. It really made a difference in how I look and feel. Can't wait for our wedding ceremony so I can strut the aisle proudly." Keller and Brad, Albany, NY

Europeans just know that a luxurious little nothing possesses creative flair and reveals not only a woman's inner self. It creates an unsurpassed sense of inner tranquility and confers empowering confidence.

A longtime proponent of lush underpinnings and a psychologist, Dr. Lauren Martin says, "A woman likes to feel like she is her man's center of affection; that he's not thinking about somebody else while they are together, but thinking about her." Dr. Martin goes on to say, "Men are often intimidated to buy underpinnings for their partners, but I encourage them to do so."

Dr. Martin has seen enough cases to know that though a woman may feel secure in her role as the mother, the wife, and partner, she doesn't feel as convincing as the center of affection.

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The secret to what lies beneath the layers of clothing seen by the world, is that it is viewed by someone to whom you grant exclusive access. It's a surprise. It lets you start a matter of the heart.

And there's something a little old-fashioned and a bit grown-up about the matters of the heart.

You are a woman. Confident, worldly, smart, and comfortable in your own skin. You aren't afraid to be totally feminine. You embrace your female self. And, yes, you like pretty things!

The difference at the heart of luxury lingerie is the closeness of the experience. It's intensely private and totally personal.


Because it involves the relationship of each individual woman with the garment she selects.

Freedom to choose is both beautiful, enchanting and personal.

Exquisite lingerie is one of life's pleasures. Once experienced, it is impossible to deny.

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