Regarding M.K. Adams Mediumistic Readings FAQ's

The most frequently asked questions regarding M.K. Adams mediumistic readings:

What is M.K. Adams fee for a private mediumistic reading and how long is it?
      M.K. Adams private sessions are thirty minutes long and are $100.

What if I need more than thirty minutes, can I possibly book a longer session?
      No, sorry. M.K.'s schedule does not permit sessions longer than thirty minutes. M.K. is confident that you will have plenty of time in the thirty-minute session.

What form of payment do you accept?
     M.K. only accepts cash. Please have the exact amount as we do not make change.

Does M.K. do sessions by email?
      No, sorry. M.K. does not do email sessions.

Does M.K. do sessions by Skype or FaceTime?
      No, sorry. M.K. does not do sessions by Skype or FaceTime.

Does M.K. do sessions by telephone?
       No, sorry. M.K. does not do sessions by telephone.

How far in advance is M.K. booked?
      M.K. is booked on average 1-3 months in advance.

Does M.K. have a waiting list I can be put on?
      No, sorry, M.K. does not keep a waiting list. Appointments are booked as they come in.

What information does M.K. need from me to book my appointment?
     When you book an appointment, we ask for your first name, last name, who referred you to M.K., your reach phone number, and email address.

Where is the reading held?
     The in-person reading is held at the office in Morris County, New Jersey. You will receive the specific address upon booking your appointment and our office confirming your appointment.

Are your sessions recorded?
      If you would like to use your cell phone to record the in-person session you may.

Is a deposit required to hold an appointment with M.K.?
     When you make an appointment, we ask for your first name, last name, who referred you to M.K., a primary reach phone number, and email. A deposit is not necessary. A couple of weeks prior to your appointment we will call you to confirm your appointment, the address, and parking information. You pay the full fee in cash at the time of the appointment.

What do I need to do to prepare for my mediumistic reading appointment with M.K.?
     There is nothing you need to do to prepare for your appointment. Near the completion of the appointment you will be given an opportunity to ask a question or two. Once the session is concluded, however, it is too late to contact M.K. to ask questions.

I invite you to contact my Morris County, New Jersey, office studio to schedule an appointment using the contact form that follows. Expect to hear back within a few hours or by the next business day.

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You can find more information on M.K. Adams mediumistic readings and booking an appointment here.