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Memory Making Moments


Modern wedding vows can trend to the less than moving.

The nuptial ceremony on your marriage day sets the tone for your new life together.

It also reflects your steadfast commitment to your partner and yourself.

Let there can be humor and lightheartedness. Let there can be romantic musings. Encourage practical magic.

It's all in having your thoughts originate from your heart, and not the analytical side of your brain.

Modern wedding vows ceremony creates memorable moments

What Not To Say ...

"I promise to take out the garbage even if it's late, dark, raining, snowing, or if I'm sick without grumbling, complaining, or grousing."

"When we have children I will get up and do the 2:00 AM feeding so you can sleep."

"It's my solemn oath that I will be responsible for our rescue cat's litter box every day."

Not a single one of these pledges is anything more than being a good citizen of the household you and your spouse are forming.

These pledges smack of control. They are thinking too small for the supersize of marriage.

These statements attempt to elevate daily dullness and substitute it for the majesty of marriage.

Of course, we each face run-of-the-mill drudgery over life lived in a committed marriage. (There is laundry to wash, fold, and store. Food needs to somehow make it into our mouths and nourish us.) That's not, the same thing as being in a committed marriage.

A committed marriage is dedicated to advancing each other simply by living without judging the other and nurturing the other through love, kindness, and generosity of spirit.

Remember that your nuptial ceremony is the only reason your closest family and friends have come together to bear witness to your marriage. It's the reason for the celebration that follows. Make every moment of the marriage rituals memorable.

What To Say ...

The best modern wedding vows resonate with solemnity fitting the occasion of your marriage.

The best oaths state our solemn promises directly from your heart. They are based on the core values you and your partner hold dear and inviolate.

It's very easy to go to the Internet and pluck poems and marriage quotes. Avoid them.

Why? Because like you there are millions of other couples doing the same thing. And you get to hear and do the same old stuff at every other ceremony. Why do you think you were so bored at the last few nuptials you attended?

Modern wedding vows in marriage ceremony rituals can be exhilarating, unexpected, simple, and full of grandeur. Keep in mind this is your unique ceremony experience. Make it memorable for you, your family and friends. It's those singular moments that will burn into memory for years to come.

Here are a few snippets to get you started thinking.

"Since we met, you have been my constant source of strength. (Quote excerpt and copyright Reverend Mattie all rights reserved in entirety
( Today I promise to be your source of energy, your place of comfort for all our tomorrows."

"Being with you is the most peaceful time I know. In your serene eyes, (Quote excerpt and copyright Reverend Mattie all rights reserved in entirety I find an unrivaled intimacy where I have learned about myself. I solemly promise to share everything a good heart knows in the natural world with you."

"I swear to kiss you good night every evening. I promise to hold you gently in my arms in your time of need. (Quote excerpt and copyright in entirety Reverend Mattie all rights reserved And if I don't wake, I will leave you knowing that the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands."

Whether you are marrying at a catering venue, an aquarium, by the water, at home or a local park, modern ceremony vows are personal without being flat.

I invite you to open a conversation to discuss my availability to write and officiate your custom legal wedding ceremony on land or sea.

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