Nibble and Coo at Plaza Hotel

by Ranee and Nir
(New York City)

This is a wedding photo album favorite because we love fun and classy parties like the wedding we had at the Plaza Hotel in New York City! It was terribly exciting to blend our heritages and speak our vows in Hebrew and Italian afterwards dancing to Kool & the Gang.

REVEREND MATTIE COMMENTS: It's no wonder that with the weather in September being beautiful, nowadays it's the most popular wedding month. That means honeymoon destinations in September are also most popular throughout the United States, Europe and the Mediterranean experiencing almost perfect weather as well.

We are so glad we chose the beautiful Plaza. It's got a lot of history just like us.

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Get Your Plaza Hotel
by: pat23rd

You must have saved up a long time to have your wedding here. Must have been a great day for you guys.

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