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The order of wedding ceremony is how it plays out on your big day.

It's the outline or playbill for the nuptial experience family and friends witness and participate in.

As most of those gathered are not attendants, they will not have participated in the rehearsal.

Guests want to feel that they are included in the experience. Preparing simple programs helps you do that.

A reason for having a program printed out for each person attending is simply so they know what's occurring.


It lets them know you thought enough of them to show them how they are to be included in this, your fresh nuptial experience.

"We are the envy of all our friends who got married before us! They keep asking us how we could have such a cool marriage ritual that struck all the right notes. You started off our big day with the most amazing experience for us, our family and friends." Audrey and Mason, Marco Island, FL

And as a bonus on a hot day or in an overheated room, the program can be used as a fan to ward off a guest's fainting.

The program is an elegant solution to explaining certain things you might wish to include in the nuptial experience.

Collaborating with one of my green couples, we created a ritual to symbolically cleanse the ritual space. Also, I created another ritual for them to call energy from the elements for protection, support and abundance.

As the rituals unfolded, I guided the attention of those gathered to what was taking place. In the program's Order of Wedding Ceremony, however, the couple was able to tell the story of how and why these rituals were part of creating the nuptial experience.

I invite you to discover the personalized custom legal wedding ceremony the couples I work with experience. They are collaborations melding creativity, imagination, and tradition.

The printed program aided the guests in understanding specific rituals. They could not have been familiar with these rituals as we created them to reflect this couples' preferences and beliefs.

There are many options to include in the nuptial program. A seasoned Officiate can help you create just what you want and need, smoothly facilitate the nuptial event on the big day, easily transition when the unexpected arises, and conduct the legalities.

An Order of Wedding Ceremony ...

... may include the following at various points during the proceedings.

  • Procession - optional, traditional, alternative
  • Rituals - optional, traditional, cultural, alternative, at various points throughout the nuptial experience
  • Opening words
  • Readings - optional, traditional, alternative; choose selections from favorite books, for example, rather than overused Web downloads
  • Honoring family - optional, traditional, alternative
  • Officiate's Address
  • Remembrance - optional, traditional, alternative
  • Prayers - optional, traditional, alternative
  • Vows - traditional, alternative
  • Rings - optional, traditional, alternative
  • Pronouncement - traditional, alternative
  • Closing - traditional, alternative
  • Recession - traditional, alternative
  • Signing - traditional, alternative, cultural

Whether simple or elaborate, printed programs are prepared and printed closer to the big day. It's done after you approve with the Officiate the order of wedding ceremony for your nuptial experience.

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