Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings


Pink sapphire engagement rings are special if you adore the color pink that is deep and borders on the red of rubies. The deeper the pink color, the higher its monetary value.

If someone gives you a pink gemstone it means the giver will love you forever.

The color itself suggests feelings of love, deep caring and acceptance. It is calming and soothing. Symbolically, it is believed to symbolize sincerity, constancy, truthfulness, trust and loyalty.

If the object of your affection was born in September under the sign of Virgo, she or he might have an affinity for pure essences, believe the body is the temple of the spirit and be disciplined about taking extra good care of that body.


Additionally, it may help the wearer be neat, tidy, organized, non-judgmental and timely in completing tasks and achieving goals.

While you might be enchanted by your love, this gemstone is reputed to protect against danger and quarrels adding a positive mystique to pink sapphire engagement rings and wedding jewelry.

While blue is the most popular color of this gemstone, among collectors and connoisseurs, pink stones are more sought after and desirable. The deeper the pink color the higher the monetary value as long as the color is tending towards the red of rubies.

In browsing Tiffany & Co. archives there was a pamphlet published in 1870 with poems "of unknown author" attributing birthstones to the months of the year.

The stanza for September ...

"A maiden born when September leaves
Are rustling in September's breeze,
A sapphire on her brow should bind
`Twill cure diseases of the mind."

Most sapphires, which are hard and durable gemstones, come to the world market from East Africa including Madagascar, and Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) to find their way into today's jewelry stores.

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