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Your pre-wedding ceremony romantic stories engage us, inspire awe in the power of love, and give us reason to hope for a brighter future.

Your story can be as simple as bringing a bagel to someone you were dating and realizing that not bringing that person a bagel anymore would create a huge hole in your life, not to mention your heart.

I invite you to enter your heartwarming story here.

Your story might be more complex involving 3 countries, dancing bears, boats, trains, planes, automobiles and sipping a libation with your special someone at the time.

Your story is about being astonished by your own feelings and the feelings another person has toward you. Like these stories people just like you submitted.

We each want to experience that astonishment. Your story extends hope to each of us with its message to put ourselves in the way of love. And let love find us.

I would love to hear your story, about your best honeymoon destinations, vacations and getaways, your love stories, your most magical moments, anything you would love to share.

Romantic stories are at the heart of my work (as you may have guessed)! And I include the account, with prior approval, in the ceremonies I custom write and perform for my unique couples as their wedding officiant and non-denominational minister.

Perhaps your story involves a grilled cheese sandwich. Please don't laugh. That's exactly what catapulted one of my couples from seriously dating to marriage! And if a grilled cheese sandwich figures into your love life I'd really like to hear about it.

If you adore love stories, honeymoon destinations, vacations and getaways, weddings, and being astonished as much as I do, please share your loving accounts with us! I'm sure others who visit this site will thank you for inspiring them, too!

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What's Your Romantic Story?

I invite you to share your romantic story with other lovers of serendipity who visit here. Enter at least 5 sentences to tell us your heartwarming story. Oh, and if you have a photo to go with your story remember to upload it.

Romantic Stories Without Borders ...

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My life is filled with romantic stories like this one. I met a man who courted me for the week while on a cruise. He sang to me on the bow and proposed …

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We didn't start out with romantic words and stories. I met Russell at our church picnic five years ago. He was outspoken about despising weddings. It irked …

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One of our romantic stories takes place on the deck of a friend's house. We were there celebrating their anniversary and vow renewal ceremony. It was 99 …

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We have romantic stories and this one was a total surprise day! Rick, my now husband, works in the wine industry. He invited me to a tasting event at one …

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