Ruby Engagement Rings


Ruby engagement rings promotion between Zales and Pizza Hut?

Was it the red color of pepperoni in the dinner box that inspired Pizza Hut's advertising agency to immediately think of sparkling red gemstones and diamonds?

We may never know. What we do know is that for Valentine's Day, grooms-to-be seeking the wait-til-I-tell-my-buddies, never-to-be-forgotten perfect Valentine's Day proposal got red-hot help from Pizza Hut this year.

Start out with Pizza Hut's "Tie the Knot with the $10 Dinner Box" promotion.


For an extra $10,000, the would-be groom could add a Zales red-and-diamond engagement ring to the Hut's usual pizza, breadstick, and cinnamon stick combo.


Not only the food and the ring, Pizza Hut's promotion package also included a limo, photographer, videographer, flowers and (wait for it) fireworks.

In true advertising form, the promotion came with a "while-supplies-last" warning.

The result? Success beyond expectations.

Within three days of going live, Pizza Hut received 500 orders for the only ten ruby engagement rings available for the promotion.

What's so special about rubies? It's considered one of the four precious stones along with sapphire, emerald and diamonds. Aesthetic value and rarity are determinants of these precious gemstones.

In browsing Tiffany & Co. archives there was a pamphlet published in 1870 with poems "of unknown author" attributing birthstones to the months of the year.

The stanza for July ...

"The glowing ruby shall adorn,
Those who in July are born;
Then they'll be exempt and free
From love's doubts and anxiety."

If you plan to propose with precious red gemstones to the love of your life born in July, your bride-to-be might love a deep red gemstone bauble on her finger. Maybe not.

Before you pop the question as a surprise over barbeque ribs -- and to avoid disappointment all around -- discuss the preferred style and choice of rings and gemstones with your future fiancee.

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