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Same Sex Marriages
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Same sex marriages are legal weddings recognized at the state level.

Whether intimate and idiosyncratic or grand and formal, this wedding ceremony outline helps a couple understand the flow of the marriage service from the entrance through exchange of rings to the proclamation of marriage.

These then are the beautiful bones of the marriage event.

It is true that the unique, committed couples I work with are enthusiastic about making the ceremony the heart of their wedding.

Wedding ceremony for same sex marriages with an outline for legal weddings.

"You were able to capture our commitment to each other from the start. We wanted a simple and elegant ritual that included our children. You far exceeded our expectations for this momentous historical event. Thank you for making our day indelible." Mike and Pat, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, NY

Proceedings begin with an entrance. This can be a walk down the aisle or a shift in the general background music to mark the commencement and processional.

Some couples walk to the ceremony space together, some are accompanied by their children. Other couples arrive at the ceremony space escorted by family members or close friends.

Besties, also known as Best Man, Best Woman, may be holding jewelry for the exchange of rings.

Once everyone reaches the ceremonial space or altar they stand in position.

The officiate addresses the couple, welcomes the guests, and states the reason you have gathered together. The couple also can feel free to welcome the guests.

Lovely ladies outdoor nuptials benefit from outline for legal weddings.

The officiant says some general remarks on love, marriage and commitment and moves onto more specific remarks about what love and commitment mean to you - the couple being married.

Wedding vows are pledged, rings are exchanged, the pronouncement of marriage occurs. Other rituals are included here. For example, wine or other liquids used for toasts, poems, songs, coins, letters, bread, blessing, candles, flowers, sand, and so forth.

After the officiant declares the couple married, there may be a public display of affection.

Recessional from of the "ceremonial space" begins and the ceremony concludes.

This wedding ceremony outline gives you an idea of how same sex marriages come together and flow throughout the ceremony.

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