Sand Wedding Ceremony
Symbolic Of Unity


A sand wedding ceremony includes a pouring ritual.

The granular material used for the pouring represents each and every miniscule particle of the life you live and share together as married.

A number of the couples I work with have a natural affinity for the seashore, coastland, waterfront, riverside, lake shore, oceanside, sailing, fishing, boardwalk, and so on. It's natural for them to want this unity ritual during their nuptials.

Other couples identify purely with the emotion of the ritual. And they, too, wish to include this unity ritual in their marriage rites.


For each of these couples, I custom write the ritual to reflect their individual personalities, and the outlook they share. The ritual itself then creates a meaningful, memorable experience for the couple, family, and guests.

"When we asked you about shipping what we had in mind for the rituals to New York, your suggestion was so easy, we wondered why we didn't think of it to begin with. That's why we think you are the most amazing person and Officiate Reverend Mattie! You bring calm back from chaos. It's like you're a force of nature." Dee and Andy, Ft. Worth, TX

Sand Wedding Ceremony
Ideas To Consider ...

  • Discuss custom options, flow and placement with your Officiate.
  • The decanter can be an art piece created just for you. Or it can be an heirloom piece or contemporary container marketed for the purpose of the ritual.
  • Select a decanter harmonizing with your decor if you're planning to display it as an objet d'art. You may wish to have a local trophy shop create a small plaque with the date and a brief sentiment.
  • Select the colored sands for use in the ritual. They can be the colors of your bridal party. If you have close family members also pour, likely you will select more colors. Pouring order is also a consideration.
  • Be sure to measure the granules into the decanter so that it fills completely. You may not want the contents shifting after the ritual. If the decanter comes with a stopper, check to see if it's secure enough to move from the venue and back into your possession. Ask a trusted family member or friend you can count on to transport the filled decanter back into your possession.
  • Some couples prefer that the granules be mixed and the colors indistinguishable. If you decide to use granules from the beach on which you marry, you will have to sterilize it first to kill bacteria and mites.
  • Before the rehearsal invite one or more family members to participate in the ritual. Their participation is a great honor for them and a gift to you, the bridal couple. I'll go over their roles and make everyone feel calm and comfortable.
  • I invite you to discover the personalized custom legal wedding ceremony the couples I work with experience. They are collaborations melding creativity, imagination, and tradition.
  • At the rehearsal, the Officiate goes over the sequence of steps and movements with the couple and all who will assist or participate. I make everyone feel calm and comfortable.
  • The Officiate announces the ritual to all gathered with a brief explanation and guides the ritual including the verbal exchange between the couple.

When the unity sand wedding ceremony ritual is concluded, participants return to their places. The nuptials continue to conclusion.

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