Settings For Engagement Rings


Settings for engagement rings define the look and show the stone off to advantage. Try on rings with various settings to see how they look and feel on your hand.

Some brides prefer to stack the two bands. You an always customize the betrothal band to fit the wedding band. Other brides prefer to wear the betrothal band on the right hand, or on special occasions only after the wedding.

Consider your lifestyle and your budget when you set about choosing your betrothal band. The choices are endless from a single stone solitaire, to multiple stones, to setting combinations on the same band, and vintage looking engagement rings like these.


Whatever your budget and lifestyle now, it's not complicated later on to reset your stones as your lifestyle and budget change.

If you choose a high-pronged Tiffany setting you will get the most brilliance reflected in your stone. Yet, if you live a really active lifestyle, a Tiffany setting can scratch you or someone else. The stone could become damaged or lost if you are an avid sportsperson, do heavy work, and your hands are in and out of gloves.

"I was so happy to avoid disaster with my band. I wanted edgy, but not uncomfortable to wear. What I didn't realize until you mentioned it was that setting the diamonds point up could allow them to shatter or chip. Disaster avoided. I still got edgy -- but in a more practical way." Terrye and Tom, Oxnard, CA

When you consider a yellow gold "bezel" -- that's the metal rim partially or fully surrounding the perimeter of the stone -- be aware that it can make a diamond or other white stone appear less white because the yellow of the setting will be reflected in the stone.

I've been seeing stones set in men's bands "gypsy" style. The stone is flush in the ring's metal, the surface of the band is smooth as the stone doesn't protrude at all.

This setting style is very comfortable to wear and does secure the stone well. It's a good choice for someone who does very heavy work or is very athletically active and prefers to wear a band.

Always try on different styles of settings for engagement rings to see how they make your hand look. Does it flatter the size and shape of your hand? Does it overwhelm your delicate fingers? Is your hand too broad to wear a too thin band?

It's about balance, lifestyle and budget.

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