Spiritual Wedding Vows
For Today's Couple


Spiritual wedding vows are within your hearts, souls, and minds as you prepare to join your lives together. This joining is built on the ties of love, friendship, compassion, respect, caring, and forgiveness.

Nowadays, individuals from all combinations of secular and religious faiths and traditions are uniting in matrimony.

Marriage is a deeply intimate and individualized process. As is your ceremony.

The ceremony is the most important part of your nuptial day.

"We want to thank you for our beautiful wedding ceremony, especially how you took the time and listened and shared our stories s-o-o-o  nicely! We really loved it and our family and guests thought it was wonderful!" Doris and Tamika, New York, NY

When you take the time to symbolically and verbally reflect on the very personal meaning of your union, you give yourselves the chance to really clarify and share your deepest feelings, needs and desires relative to these areas of your lives.


Interestingly, the very act of creating the ceremony can be a sacred journey registering your commitment to one another. It is a singular opportunity to state the expression of love for your partner, while your family and guests bear witness.

I am particularly well-suited to work with same gender, indie and traditional couples who want their personalities to shine through whether the ceremony is small and intimate, or grand and more formal. These couples appreciate the level of service I provide for the very "heart and core" of their marriage day. It is, after all, a beautiful description of who you both are.

Couples like this tell me they appreciate working with me to create a custom, legal ceremony. And they appreciate the peace of mind contracting with a noted Officiant who comes with professional experience, public references, an inclusive approach, a kind and
joyful spirit, and isn't stuffy!

Our work together is about celebrating and cherishing your unique and loving relationship.

You can express yourself and you can quote from books of prayer, movie dialogue, love letters, history or children's books. You can say anything you wish that is fitting for your relationship in your spiritual wedding vows. Speak from your heart, it will not fail you.

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