Starry Blue And True

by Peggy O'Connor
(Bloomington, MN)

Getting the color right on homemade blue wedding cakes takes a patient hand. The son of my neighbor had his wedding on a yacht at night. Their theme was the night sky so everything was sparkling like stars and candles and water. They wanted their cake to be a bright dark blue color and sparkle too.

I thought a lot about how the cake should look and sketched a few. The one I liked best I showed to the couple and they agreed. Then I had to get started figuring out the color and the stars. One drop too much of coloring and you go to the dark side and it can ruin the batch of fondant icing.

The stars were the most fun for me. I started with fondant icing tinted with black to get a soft grey color to make the stars that bend over the cake. For the standing stars I mixed fondant and gum paste because the stars needed to be thin and dry hard to stay rigid.

REVEREND MATTIE COMMENTS: Stars can be a beautiful theme addition and a sparkling addition to Wedding Ceremony Decorating Ideas.

When I was ready to paint the fondant gum paste stars, I used edible luster dust in silver mixed with a few drops of vodka. Too much alcohol and it thins the luster dust out and dulls the shine. Then painted it on the stars and let them dry.

The cake itself was yellow cake made with butter. I sprinkled the layers with lemon syrup and filling of lemon curd. We used a rolling hand cart to get it to the dock and up the ramp into the yacht. I use a cake support system so I had nothing to worry about. No shifting, sagging, moving. So as far as homemade blue wedding cakes are concerned, this one sparkled as much as the couple was happy.

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