Ceremony Titanium Wedding Rings
Space Age Metal Design


Titanium wedding rings for the ceremony, or men's engagement bands with diamonds, are stacking up as the look of the future.

They are naturally colored, sleek, black or shiny enhanced by 18k gold and diamonds.

Solid, durable, dent- and scratch-resistant, forever polished.

These bands are lightweight and provide a comfort fit to easily accommodate the demands of today's active man.

The metal has emerged as a leading trend in jewelry. It's hypoallergenic. And it's resistant to damage from sunlight and water.

Black titanium wedding rings shine during ceremony rituals

"As you know Reverend Mattie, my wife is Venetian and enjoys a few high-impact pieces of jewelry. Thank you for putting me in touch with your jeweler who helped me design and create our engagement and wedding bands. They had to stand up to her work as a caterer and mine as a cabinet maker. And they do!" Giovanna and Ed, Flemington, NJ

It's often referred to as the "space age metal," due to its strength, low-density, luster, corrosion-resistance (including salt water and chlorine), and natural silver color of titanium.

If you're sporting, you've seen its versatility in automobile and motorcycle racing, golf clubs, football helmet grills, lacrosse sticks, and body piercing jewelry.

It's properties include being about as strong as steel and at least 45 percent lighter than steel, making it the preferred choice for medical implants. (Find bands in rare tungsten here.)

I have spiral earrings and a bangle bracelet in the metal anodized in a flow of turquoise, apple green, dirty pink and gold.

They are fabulous and look brand new after years of wear in oceans and pools.

Titanium wedding rings for important ceremony ritual

For a more rugged, masculine look craftsmen create cable to incorporate in the jewelry.

Cable presents a unique look created when two or more metal wires are twisted or braided together.

It is eye-catching in men's titanium wedding rings and other jewelry.

Certain women suit an unstudied, non-traditional sophistication opting to wear an alternative titanium cable band on the index finger, middle or thumb to great effect.

Wedding ceremony jewelry preferences are varied. They bring a fresh look to today's forward thinking couple. They offer a new attitude to include in the wedding ceremony ring ritual.

During the ceremony many couples choose to exchange one or two bands. There are no rules. Just go with what looks best and feels right for each of you.

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