Tungsten Wedding Rings
Ceremony Contemporary Option


Men's tungsten wedding rings continue to grow in popularity for the ceremony ritual.

Its lure is being a highly scratch resistant metal.

Designers are creating innovative, contemporary style options that meet the demands of today's active man.

Research conducted by the The Knot wedding site shows that after karat gold, tungsten is still the most popular choice for men’s wedding ceremony bands. If you are considering the metal, go to a quality jewelry store to see bands in person and try them on. You will train your eye and see the difference quality brings.

Tungsten wedding rings becoming ceremony favorite

This will be most helpful when you go online.

An online virtual jewelry tour for the metal will return a glut of inexpensive options. Many will be of low quality material and workmanship.

High quality tungsten is a very tough and hard material.

"We met bouldering and will continue that activity after we marry. We wanted our bands to match the demands of our rough and tumble lives spent outdoors. Thanks for referring us to a jeweler. We were able to get just what we need and they look great, too. Can't wait to show them to you next month at the wedding ceremony!" Bailey and Ike, Kiawah Island, SC

Titanium is another smart option.

Among the prized wedding ceremony rings are tungsten bands

Like diamonds that can break upon impact (yes, diamonds can break and chip), this metal can break from impact. Make up your own mind and make your purchase accordingly.

This material is gray by nature.

You can find it in edgy black, too.

Wedding ceremony bands are available designed with stainless steel and other metals to striking effect.

Metal plating is used (like with white gold) to alter the color for jewelry.

Any piece of jewelry that has been plated or altered will wear over time. Does that mean you shouldn't buy white gold or this material? It simply means you should be an informed shopper.

Carbon fiber engraving personalizes your selection.

You are considering, after all, tungsten wedding rings because of their durability, quality, and good looks that reflect your style. Wedding ceremony bands of this metal show commitment, thought, caring and symbolize the eternal love of your relationship.

They are becoming more popular are a first choice for the wedding ceremony ring ritual. They look beautiful on the hand, photograph smartly and wear well after the wedding ceremony.

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