Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas


Unique wedding ceremony ideas can help you make your nuptials an experience for family, loved ones and guests gathered.

Consider that the history of nuptial traditions is vast and spans centuries.

The nuptial experiences are those couples share with parents, grandparents, step-parents, godparents, loved ones, friends and ancestors. They are meaningful still.

To be truly personal, effective nuptials reflect you and your partner as a couple and individually.

Your memorable, meaningful marriage experience is created when it's not a checklist of rituals.

Unique wedding ceremony ideas enhance the nuptial experience making it as singular as you are.

"We thought there was only one way to have our marriage rites. After speaking with you, Reverend Mattie, we knew you had to Officiate our nuptials." Jane and Matt, Columbus, OH

Unique wedding ceremony ideas create an experience for you, your family and guests. It becomes vivid and heartfelt when it's not a marathon through generic rituals and readings.

Couples wanting to make the nuptials a memorable experience for themselves and those gathered have many and varied options.

Cultural Heritage

These are things in your respective families that are considered heirlooms. A watch, lace hankie, tomatoes, silver box, belt buckle, work of art, significant landscapes, books, artifacts, aisle runner, buildings, can be heirlooms and your tangible culture.

Of course, there are the intangibles in the form of family stories, traditions and customs, language, knowledge in career and profession, that you have inherited from your family and family's family.

Make it that one-of-a-kind nuptial experience by design. Think about honoring the cultures and heritage you and your partner come from. And choose original readings to complement what you have in mind.

Consider that most everything you can download from the Web already has been used by millions of brides and grooms.

To avoid the cliched, try quoting from a favorite movie, song, or childhood book.

An experienced Officiate like myself can provide a wider range of readings. You can consider suggestions once we decide to work together on your most important nuptial experience.

Show Your Unity

Today's families are often blended. You can acknowledge that very thing in your nuptials.

If you have children from a previous relationship, include your children in your nuptials. If your children are grown, ask them to participate in rituals. It is a great honor for them and a gift for you.

By including your blending of families in the nuptials, you make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

I invite you to discover the personalized custom legal wedding ceremony the couples I work with experience. They are collaborations melding creativity, imagination, and tradition.

The blending of cultures and heritage can inspire unique wedding ceremony ideas such as, location, decor including paper and fabric floral flourishes, visuals, music for rituals, rituals, photo opportunities, themes, attire, and more.

Make It About Family

Here you find options on how to include special relatives in the Order of Service on your big day.

Use Your Words

To create a memorable nuptial experience it must be personalized. You can find wedding ceremony words to inspire you here.

For more inspiration, here's an excerpt from This Everyday Love, Rascal Flatts ...

Can't get enough of this everyday love.
Each morning the sun shines through my window
Lands on the face of a dream come true.
I shuffle to the kitchen for my coffee
And catch up on the front page morning news.

Every afternoon I make a phone call
Listen to the voice that warms my heart
I drag myself through a few more hours
Then head on home to try and beat the dark.
Your smile will be right there when I step through the door.
And it will be that way tomorrow, just like every day before.
Can't get enough of this everyday love.

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