Vintage Looking Engagement Rings


Vintage looking engagement rings are crafted to reproduce Edwardian filigree antique bands. Keep thinking about the mounting -- that's the setting before it's set with a stone -- and how it will fit with your wedding band.

Some brides prefer to stack the two bands. You an always customize the betrothal band to fit the wedding band. Other brides prefer to wear the betrothal band on the right hand, or on special occasions only after the wedding.

As you do your research, be sure to look at original antique pieces. You will be able to see the skill of the jeweler who created the settings. This educates your eye to be discerning of quality whether you purchase an antique or reproduction band.


The ornate bands are often styled in platinum. The centerpiece diamond or gemstone can be a marquise cut, a round cut, a cushion cut, or another cut of your choosing.

Traditionally, the centerpiece stone can be embraced by two triangular cut diamonds or gemstones of your choosing such as sapphires.

"I had my great-grandmother's Edwardian betrothal band reproduced for my ring. It's just my style and doesn't look like anyone else's." Karisa and Richard, Chicago, IL

These three main diamonds or gemstones are surrounded by the hallmark of delicate Edwardian pierced detailing. Smaller accent diamonds or gemstones can also be part of the setting.


An experienced specialist in antique and period piece jewelry is the preferred resource for information as well as purchasing a band. Very few jewelers are specialists in this area.

When in doubt, call a museum curator, or the auction houses Sotheby's and Christie's for reliable referrals.

You may be able to purchase an authentic antique band instead of a reproduction to fit your budget.

Invented in 1886 the Tiffany setting is a classic design featuring six skinny, spider-like platinum prongs the shoot out from the band's base. It serves to propel the diamond above the band in a way that allows for a more "complete return of light from the stone, as well as maximum brilliance".

Fragile gemstones such as emeralds, opals, and tourmalines do not lend themselves to certain settings. Check with a reputable jeweler as you are contemplating your vintage looking engagement rings.

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