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More than one waffle weave bath towel was on display in the guest room where I'd be staying at my cousin's home.

I couldn't believe my eyes ... I was in Atlanta, not Europe! Before returning from this trip I jotted down all the particulars from the tag to track them down. Which I did.

Then I discovered that the company owners help educate women and children in third world countries. Over 50 percent of the children educated are girls in poor urban and rural areas.


Today, their waffle weave bath towel collection completes the home spa feeling we created in our master bath. It was important to my beloved and me to use an organic approach with natural elements to create a soothing, restorative, Zen-like atmosphere.

For us 100 percent cotton is a simple, economical, practical necessity that's a pleasure on wet skin. Plus it's lightweight, absorbent and quick-drying. They fit right in with our naturally eco friendly living and ooze European style.

In my house they get a lot of use and last through repeated laundering and machine drying.

I like that the more I use them the softer and smoother the fabric gets.

Eco Friendly Living
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Brides-to-be, do you need a smart, stylish gift for members of the wedding?  Looking for a wedding or shower gift for an eco friendly living couple? In the mood for a little at-home pampering?

See for yourself waffle weave bath towels, bathrobes, blankets.

Lounge In Luxury


Whatever you call them, bathrobe, robes, bath robes, my bathrobe is another pleasure.

I like nothing better than to wrap up in one right out of the shower. Or to sit quietly with a cup of tea and a good book.

Regardless of your style, I believe it's important not to skimp on accessories that touch the skin.

Bathroom linens, bathrobes, feet scrubbies, natural sea sponges, even wood-handled scrub brushes are gentle on the skin. They add to the restorative affect of the experience.

Depending on the season you can find me lounging in a cotton waffle weave bathrobe or a cotton velour bathrobe.

At The Beach

It should come as no surprise that there's always one dimpled dry-me-off tossed into my beach bag. In my experience sand just doesn't cling to them. They dry quickly hanging over a beach chair ready for me to wipe off after another refreshing dip or water activity.

One More Thing ...

Collaborating with couples to create, write and officiate their custom legal wedding ceremony experience, is a big responsibility and great joy for me.

And when I discover a company that also has made a commitment to do things the right way: for the environment and for the people who make, sell and buy their products, I invite you to take a look.

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