Wedding Ceremony Checklist


A wedding ceremony checklist helps you manage the details of arguably the most significant ritual of your life.

And it's about creating an experience for your guests. Absolutely, you need to treat them the way you would like to be treated.

This means you have to think about their comfort and ease as they gather to participate in the wedding ceremony experience of your big day.

Whether your big day is casual and fun, traditional and grand, informal, or do-it-yourself cool, those who gather are all guests in your house as it were, whether family or friends.

Creating an experience for your guests doesn't have to cost extra money. Being gracious and thoughtful doesn't have to cost money either.

The following touches can make your big day an indelible memory-maker for those coming together to witness and celebrate your nuptials.

Wedding ceremony checklist is indispensable for couples thoughtfully attempting to make their nuptials as unique as they are.

"Being able to include our closest family friends in the course of our wedding ceremony made them feel so honored. They were thrilled! And every time we get together they still talk about how they helped us get hitched. Reverend Mattie you are awesome!" CeCe and Jackson, Portland, ME

I invite you to consider ...

The following wedding ceremony checklist items cost little if anything at all. Yet they will make each and every one of your guests, whether family or friends, feel like they are participating in your having created an experience for them and that they are the most important person on your big day.

  • When you invite your guests, include specific directions to your marriage site. GPS can be wrong or complicated. Let them know about parking and transportation options. Indicate if it's to be outdoors regardless of weather or something else. Don't assume "everyone knows" how to get there. This really irritates people.
  • Wedding Ceremony Decorating Ideas. Be sure to define the ritual space indoors and outside. You can use flowers, greenery, props. Make it the frame to focus your guests' attention during the nuptials.
  • If it's outdoors regardless of weather as the hosts be prepared. Anticipating is the thought behind a wedding ceremony checklist. For example, if there's going to be a cool wind blowing off the sea, everyone will be chilly and uncomfortable. Have a basket of pashminas or a collection of blankets available for the guests to guard against shivering and leaving to seek shelter before you even say your vows.
  • Likewise, if it's going to rain, have umbrellas. If it's going to be hot and your nuptials take place in the sun, have parasols (umbrellas will do fine), offer sunglasses and handheld fans. Plus these will make for memorable photographs and video.
  • Wedding Ceremony Words
  • If it's outdoors or on a yacht, guests have to walk to the nuptial site, make sure they know in advance. Stilettos sink in grass, dirt, sand, and get ruined walking over rocks. If you're
    on a yacht (usually guests have to walk a distance from the car park), the gangway and portable docks will bob while in port. Guests in heels or new shoes fall and can be seriously injured. These inconveniences make guests really irritated if they aren't prepared for them.
  • Wedding Ceremony Songs

Wedding ceremony checklist is the source for couples wanting to create a singular nuptial experience.
  • Make sure you have seating for everyone. Don't let a venue tell you they only have a limited number of chairs, benches, and so on. You do not want people standing around being terribly uncomfortable before, during and after the nuptials.
  • If it's going to be a warm or hot day with outside nuptials, have non-alcoholic drinks passed. This keeps your guests hydrated and wards off people fainting during the nuptials. Lemonade, iced tea, cold water with slices of lemon or orange are gracious, thoughtful and appreciated.
  • Make sure the restrooms are easily available and restocked during the nuptials.
  • Order of Wedding Ceremony
  • Wedding Renewal Ceremony
  • Marriage License must be handed off to the Officiate BEFORE the nuptials can begin.
  • Be sure to give your Officiant a copy of your vows as a back-up. Your big day is very exciting and sometimes the copy of the vows gets misplaced. The same is true of the readings. In their rush to get ready and out the door, sometimes Besties forget them in the hotel room.
  • Organize and let the Officiant know who is responsible for the rings, music selections, ritual items, and so on. This is an important point on your wedding ceremony checklist.
  • Mark off the V.I.P. sections for you and your partner. Who will escort the V.I.P.'s to their seats? This is significant as it signals the wedding ceremony will begin. Also, your V.I.P.'s will be excited and emotional. It is gracious and thoughtful for each to have an escort to the seat.

As an experienced officiant I am flexible and can offer suggestions from experience as to your wedding ceremony checklist and creating an experience for your guests. I invite you to contact me to discuss your vision and how we might work together.

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