Wedding Ceremony Decor


Wedding ceremony decor enhances the space where your nuptial rituals take place.

The look and feel of the space, the words spoken and vows exchanged in the space set the tone for the entire day - and for sharing your lives together.

Your guests: loved ones, family and friends, are gathering to bear witness to your commitment to each other.

Dress the nuptial space to reflect the importance of the marriage rituals while keeping to your style.

The nuptial space is set to draw focus to you as a couple.


Your guests want to see, hear and be engaged by what's going on. Make sure they are. A professional Officiate who writes custom legal marriages such as myself, can help you do this.

If your guests are not engaged it will show in the photographs and video forever. You'll see distracted, bored faces looking like they'd rather be anywhere else but where they are.

I invite you to consider ...

The following wedding ceremony decor ideas work outdoors and indoors equally well. They embellish the ritual space, set the look and feel, focus attention, create beautiful photo opportunities and lifelong memorable moments.

  • In the photo above with the aisle runner and petals, notice how the white iron standing plant hangers have fabric stretched and bowed between them. This keeps guests other than the V.I.P.'s from disturbing or soiling the preset aisle runner.

    This bowed fabric hanging before the ritual space provides a bit of embellishment without competing with the lovely setting. It acts like a spotlight or arrow directing all eyes up to the marriage space. See the marriage space being framed with the slipcovered chairs, green topiaries, vine arch and trellis.

    Note how the fabric chair slipcovers are used to finish the stylish white and green palette with a fresh twist on the serene look and feel.

"We are so glad you suggested adding the ribbons to our V.I.P. chairs and letting them know where they'd be sitting. It made it easy for their escorts to seat them. Everyone felt they were a real part of our marriage rites. They're all smiling in the candid photos! Thank you again for being the best Officiate ever." Corinne and Rick, St. Louis, MO

  • If your budget allows, you may wish to add flowers that carry through your look, feel, and color scheme. After the marriage rites, ask the catering staff to bring them into the reception area or place in restrooms your guests will use.
  • When selecting flowers, for instance, wedding symbolism meanings can be effective as you mull over choices. Calla lily meaning and wedding symbolism is an example.
  • Some venues have portable arbor structures that can be decorated with fabric, flowers, crystals, and so on, as another of many wedding ceremony decorating ideas. If outdoors, do ask the venue how the arbor is secured in case of wind.

    Portable arbors are a simple way to mark the space and enhance the visual image for the guests and photographer.

    If the venue has live or silk green topiaries ask to have them moved to mark your ritual space. Often a venue will do this at no charge. Topiaries and container plantings can enhance your look and feel in person, photos and video.
  • A table for rituals in the space is a fine idea. Your venue likely has something to use as is or draped.

This table was used for rituals.

Made of wood branches a couple used it to convey the more rustic woodsy look and feel of their big day during the marriage rites.

In this case, the groom, a sculptor, designed and sculpted the table as a surprise for his bride.

Today it does double duty as a stool and side table at home.

Embellishments for wedding ceremony decor are limited only by your imagination. Consider the scope and size of the space as well as the look and feel you envision.

Ask for suggestions. Keep in mind walking through, over and around the symbolic altar or ritual space as you plan enhancements.

This will affect you, members of the wedding who will be participating in the actual ritual, as well as all guests, and the visual effect of the wedding ceremony decor.

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