Wedding Ceremony Decorating Ideas


Wedding ceremony decorating ideas build an experience for your guests and add touches reflective of you and your spouse.

One purpose of dressing your nuptial space is to frame and focus attention on you as a couple.

Your guests want to see, hear and be engaged by what's going on. Make sure they are.

A professional Officiate who writes custom legal marriages such as myself, can help you do this.

These wedding ceremony decorating ideas adapt equally well for indoor and outdoor nuptials.


"I'm so glad to have made paper flower seat markers for our closest family. It helped them get seated comfortably. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about the flow of my arrangements and answer my questions. Reverend Mattie, you are a graceful angel who created our rituals to reflect both of us." Lizette and Dieter, Pensacola, FL

With some thought and ingenuity, it's easy to create a nuptial experience for all gathered.

Each helps frame the ritual space, create your look and feel, laser-focus attention, deliver beautiful photo opportunities and create moments to last a lifetime.

I invite you to ...

Make An Entrance
Whether dancing up to the ritual space together on an aisle of rose petals, or having children escort the bride to the nuptial space trailing ribbons, all eyes will be on you.

One couple made the processional their own by having guests precede them in golf carts.

At the appointed space, the carts formed an aisle. The couple exited their golf cart and walked up to the ritual space.

As an experienced Officiate I help couples choreograph an entrance that works for you and for your venue.

Unique Aisle Runner
As interior designers, one couple opted to unfurl a roll of wallpaper to create an indoor pathway to the nuptial space.

It was unexpected, reflected their sophisticated style and color pallette. Plus it stayed in place without curling.

Modify The Seating
It's expected to have side-by-side seating. It's expected to have family and guests sit on the bride's side or groom's side. You can change the configurations and still permit your guests easy viewing. You are, afterall, blending families and friends as you marry.

It's unexpected to arrange chairs in the round. This creates a "circle" representative of your marriage and exchange of rings. It also facilitates including those gathered in rituals surrounding your exchange of vows.

Ceremony Arch
Some couples use a balloon arch to mark the ritual space. Others prefer an experience that reflects their love of nature.

Whether your nuptials are indoors or outdoors, you can create the magic of a garden. Urns filled with with arching Bradford pear branches with golden artificial fruit clusters here and there add a touch of warmth.

For a heaven scent setting in spring, cluster lily of the valley and secure them with gold double-faced satin ribbon to the arching branches.

Topiary Monogram
For those couples looking for wedding ceremony decorating ideas to make a larger-than-life experience for guests, create faux topiaries with artificial boxwood glued to styrofoam monogram letters or spheres. Position them at the center of the ritual space.

Wreaths of fresh or faux flowers and greenery can be exquisite while adding an unexpected touch to a tree, door, aisle, pew. It can be suspended in a tall threshold or double height entryway.

Consider wreaths of blue hydrangeas to frame a drive; to adorn a row of trees; or to festoon a staircase.

Wreaths can mark the rows reserved for family. Use seasonal leaves, cones, flowers, bulbs for a vivid visual experience.

Bear in mind walking through, over and around the symbolic altar or ritual space as you plan enhancements. This will affect you, members of the wedding who will be participating in the actual ritual, as well as all guests. Wedding ceremony decorating ideas are as varied as your imagination.

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