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Marry Today, Tomorrow, Next Week


Need a wedding ceremony format to get married today? If you would prefer to tie the knot on short notice, I am available.

Many times each week I am contacted to perform a marriage on a day's notice - or even a moment's notice!

Over the years as an interfaith minister, officiant and celebrant, I have had the honor to unite couples in marriage on very short notice, and a more planned time frame.

Call me 1-973-263-4681 and be sure to state the reason for the call is a short notice marriage. Clearly leave your name and a phone number so I can get back to you promptly.

Wedding ceremony format is best information on short notice nuptials for any reason.

"Going to Afghanistan for my second tour made us realize the time we had together might be all the time we ever had. You made us feel better about our decision to marry two days before I shipped out. I'm home now, and we're making our life together again." Sgt. Norris and Emily, The Hilton, Parsippany, NJ

You Will Need ...

You will need the marriage license from the municipality in which either person resides OR from the municipality where the ceremony will be performed; two witnesses over 18 years of age, and Reverend Mattie.

Plan for instant nuptials when convenience is important to the couple.

As most planned weddings occur on a weekend, I am likely to have appointments available on weekdays. My schedule changes every day, so please call me 1-973-263-4681 for a prompt reply.

People require an instant wedding ceremony format when convenience is of utmost importance to the couple. As a non-denominational minister I have performed legal "short notice" or "emergency" marriages such as:

  • Loving couples with immigration issues may want to have a quick wedding service, and then have a planned event in their country of origin to celebrate with relatives and friends.

  • Bedside marriages performed in hospital can be due to insurance issues, illness or accidents.

  • Military deployment can hasten a marriage. You may not be sure you will have the chance to get married. You may be unsure when you will see each other again.

  • Time management for busy lives and demanding careers can compel a loving couple to shoehorn a marriage ceremony into their schedules. I can come to your location - even your work place or office - your home, or somewhere convenient for you.

  • Property issues can include the need to assure ownership. Sometimes escrow forces a loving couple to marry sooner rather than later.

  • Unbridled passion because you can not bear to be without your love for even one more day. I understand and can get you married as fast as you can say "I do."

  • Any reason you can think of! I have heard many, many reasons for a short notice wedding ceremony format. I can be there for you.

Call me for a prompt reply 1-973-263-4681.

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