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A wedding ceremony outline helps my unique couples understand the flow of the marriage service.

It moves the couple to the proclamation of marriage.

It differs from the program which is helpful for the guests and is a keepsake for the scrapbook.

"Even though we have been to many weddings, your suggestions for the ceremony made it just who we are as partners in life! We can't think of a way to have made it better. Thank you for sharing our day." Pat and Alex, L'Escargot, NY

You can make your own wedding invitations, beautiful programs, flat cards, minibooks, folded programs, photo programs and more DIY (do it yourself) most reasonably using the rose clipart digital kit shown here.

These then are the beautiful bones of the marriage event.

Consider this a flexible framework.

It is true that I am best suited to the committed couples I work with as they are enthusiastic about investing a tiny bit more to make the ceremony the heart of their wedding.

Wedding ceremony outline is flow schedule to print on program cards for guests.

The wedding ceremony order of service begins with an entrance. This can signal the walk down the aisle or a shift in the general background music to mark the processional.

Once everyone - as illustrated in the wedding ceremony order of events - reaches the ceremonial space or altar they stand in position.

The interfaith minister officiant addresses the couple, welcomes the guests, and states the reason you have gathered together. The couple also can feel free to welcome the guests.

The officiant says some general remarks on love, marriage and commitment and moves onto more specific remarks about what love and commitment mean to you - the couple being married.

Wedding vows are pledged, rings are exchanged, the pronouncement of marriage occurs. Other rituals are included here. Traditions observed. For example, wine or other liquids used for toasts, poems, songs, letters, bread, blessing, candles, flowers, sand, and so forth.

After the officiant declares the couple married, they kiss - if desired - as a public display of affection. Expect earsplitting whistles and thunderous applause!

Recessional from the "ceremonial space" begins and the ceremony concludes.

This wedding ceremony outline gives you an idea of how it all comes together.

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