Wedding Ceremony Script


A wedding ceremony script is the written text that provides the basis of the nuptials.

It includes the dialogue to be exchanged by the couple, cultural influences, the participation of family and friends, and the actions that are included during your ceremony.

This evolves to combine all the couple's ideas into a custom sequence. The custom structure resulting is your legal nuptials.

This working document includes all details such as rituals. Rituals could be something you have planned.

The wedding ceremony script creates the experience, sets the rituals and tone for your big day that will play out in the nuptials, photographs, videos, and albums.

A ritual could also be something we create together. Then I write and conduct it just for you.

The script explicitly expresses any exchanges of items symbolic to the nuptials, vows, and so on. These carefully considered details come out of my discussion with the couple during our conversational telephone appointment.

The photograph on this page took place in a fabled New York City theater. As the officiate, I wrote the working document for the couple and included all references to their love framed through cinematic references. Each and every ritual, family and friend action, and sequence was custom written to reflect their relationship and preferences. All combined to enhance and complete their cinema theme.

An experienced officiate such as myself is professionally able, knowledgeable of the couple and their preferences, and flexible in the ability to create a custom-written, personalized, legal sequence. This sequence is inclusive and responsive to the preferences of the couple.

Your officiate will be able to help you decide which parts you wish to include in your special day.

An experienced celebrant also must know and officiate the legalities and logistics of the nuptial event.

The working document itself can change on your big day due to circumstances. Your experienced officiate can adjust the working document instantly and seamlessly.

The wedding ceremony script is a working copy for you. This means it includes the order of the sequence with related material such as, musical accompaniment for rituals. These are inserted and the officiate uses them to cue vendors, placement of members of the wedding, movement throughout the ceremony, and so on, of whatever you have

A wedding ceremony script is a special form of artistic thought. It combines the couples ideas, expresses your relationship and dynamics, with an emphasis on your concept of your being joined in matrimony. It is a flexible medium. Working with an experienced and flexible officiate you can have a highly personal experience created just for you.

As an experienced officiant I am flexible and can offer suggestions from experience. I invite you to contact me to discuss your vision and how we might work together.

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