Wedding Ceremony Words


Wedding ceremony words for most nuptials are standard.

This means that most couples getting married whether traditional, same gender or indie use the same standard form.

Unless, of course, they prefer to create a nuptial experience for their family, loved ones and guests gathered.

The nuptial experience precedes any celebration.

The nuptial experience is the very reason for a celebration.


Creating a nuptial experience is an awesome opportunity for you.

You may be planning to have a theme for your marriage. Or you may share an interest or hobby.

As you think about creating the experience for your family, loved ones and friends, these can be woven into the nuptials.

And you can enjoy this personalization whether your nuptials are traditional, same sex, or non-traditional, on a small, casual or grand scale.

"Our guests were delighted to be blended into our nuptials. We know this, because they told us! We can see their faces in the photos. And we can hear them in the video. Thank you for helping us make our marriage the experience we didn't know was possible." Allie and Ryder, Key West, FL

What's the difference?

If you and your intended have been guests at marriage rituals and attended the celebration, you will have heard phrases such as ...

  • One of life's greatest moments ...
  • Join together in marriage ...
  • Do you promise to love, cherish and protect ...
  • Lives merge together ...
  • It will take commitment ...
  • Sign of our constant faith ...
  • I take you as my lawfully wedded ...
  • Have promised your love ...

Whose marriage did you attend?

You may be hard-pressed to remember whose marriage it was as the phrases are generic.

They can fit any couple.


Your wedding ceremony words can be completely custom-written.

The entire ritual, not just your vows!

The legal marriage ritual can reflect you as individuals and as a couple.

For most of the people gathered at your marriage rituals, this will be the only time they will ever have an opportunity to understand what you feel in your heart for this person you are marrying. And without sounding sappy!

I invite you to discover the difference the couples I work with enjoy. A one-of-a-kind, custom marriage experience with personalized vows open to creativity, imagination, and tradition performed in all locations.

Together we can collaborate to express your loving relationship authentically. Together we can create a nuptial experience - a memory making experience - you and those gathered will remember for years to come.

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