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Wedding colors can make one of the most emotional of all family occasions even more beautiful. They reflect your personality.

The right color combinations set the mood for the personal ceremony, and celebration. Most often the couple gets to choose the colors for the big day.

The wedding party needs to be dressed harmoniously.

Coordinating the clothing, flowers, favors, linens and accessories is well worth the effort. In years to come the still photos and video help you remember the promises, beauty, joy, and love shared throughout the special day.

Wedding ceremony wedding colors are prized by bridal couples to set a harmonious tone, complete a theme, and enhance the couple in photographs.

As a couple, you may be considering an overall theme for the ceremony through celebration. Themes and ideas such as, Calypso Beat, Sherwood Forest, Marrakech, Fire and Ice, Summer Garden, and so on, can be a source of inspiration for tones and hues.

During the nuptials and celebration, the bridesmaids and mother of the bride want to look elegant and special. Monochromatic combinations are effective and a perfect solution to this need.

For example, let's imagine Opaline Green - a very light green - is a special shade for you.

This is a hue with meanings that make you feel ...

  • balance
  • harmony
  • youthful
  • refreshed
  • reassured
  • revitalized

because it speaks to you. Special is precisely what the occasion of your nuptials is all about.

Once you have made the choice of your dominant shade, you could pair it with complementary tones from the rose family of hues. Hues of rose meanings represent ...

  • romantic love
  • new beginnings
  • growth through open communications
  • joy

Add the luminosity of a pearl tone.

If your personality tends to be more relaxed and easy to be with, this could be just the combination of wedding colors you are looking for: Opaline Green, Veiled Rose, and Pearl.

On White

Modern brides can choose from a variety of shades and tones for their nuptial dresses.

Many still select traditional whites. Yet many more add uniquely colored trim and accessories for a non-traditional touch.

For centuries brides have worn white in many cultures. White carries great significance and meanings including ...

  • purity of intent
  • faith
  • hope
  • confidence

Ancient Greek brides went a step further with the tradition of wearing white. They painted their entire body white and wore white flowers in their hair.

Queen Victoria favored white for her nuptials, starting the tradition in 1840 of brides eschewing other dress colors for the big day.

There is a line in an old English poem, "Marry in white, you will have chosen right."

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