Wedding Ideas Twists On Tradition


Wedding ideas with twists on tradition hatched before I walked down the tented aisle outside our home.

My husband, a visual artist and I created a ceremony and celebration to reflect us being "culture freak bone idle beach lover foodies" we are.

We shared the joy our way with family, friends and loved ones. Our wedding ceremony through celebration was totally "us" for them.

Each idea, comment, intention below is to help you create your personal wedding ceremony and marriage day to be authentic and full of personality.

Just like you!

Twists on tradition ...

  • Getting married and how to reflect what it means to you in your ceremony and celebration.
  • Making an outdoor ceremony in the dead of winter or blaze of summer comfortable and beautiful for all.
  • Use wedding etiquette to turn a tight budget into a spectacular asset.
  • Refine a "cheesy" Internet concept into a good thing.
  • Add dress-zing to weddings gowns without having to be a fashionista.
  • Write your own wedding vows ceremonies even if you failed English.
  • The inside scoop on legal, custom written, totally personalized, intercultural, interfaith, secular, spiritual, and same gender American wedding ceremony.

"I'm the owner/buyer for a hip independent clothing shop and he's a tattoo shop owner/artist. The way you offer up the coolest concepts for everything-wedding helped us feel even more confident as we thought about what we were making happen now and later. Your ideas are fresh, first-hand, do-able!" Kandi and Dave, Scottsdale, AZ

  • What's the deal on beverages with and without a kick?
  • How to mark your ceremony space from field to shining sea.
  • Feeding the hungry hordes great food including chocolate wedding favors for a pittance.
  • What little touches and wedding photography tips pack the greatest "wow" in wedding ideas?
  • Keep the plumbing running and other unthinkable necessaries through wedding planner insurance.
  • Off-handed or casual and relaxed. How one works and the other is a disaster.
  • Timing is everything especially for no-cost wedding ideas themes.
  • Use wedding ceremony songs for guests to hear what's meaningful to you and your partner.
  • What's in a ritual? Have or have not?
  • Working it out with family.
  • Forsaking traditions and making yacht weddings work to your advantage.
  • Do we do things for the sake of being weird?
  • If we marry in church how do we make it reflect our personalities?
  • Wedding jewelry: Ring minefields to avoid always and forever.
  • Baroque and elaborate are viable options - with your twist.
  • Best honeymoon destinations ... where to go when!

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